Well, It’s Not a Pet Rock


Last week my daughters started with the whole rubber band bracelets fad.  Becca presented her case in a very adult and non-whiny way.  As we were laying down for bed, she brought up the fact that somebody gave her a bracelet.  She very calmly proceeded with her story. “Mom, almost everybody in my class collects them.  There are only four or five of us who don’t have them.  Do you think I could get some?”

Because she was so very grown up about the whole situation, I told her that we could go and get some the next day after school.  We headed to a new store that opened near us, Five Below. I got Becca three packs of twelve bracelets and told her that the only way I was buying her three packs was if she shared with the kids in her class who didn’t have any.  Chloe got two packs (dinosaurs and cars, of course.  She’s SO not girly.)  They were super excited to trade and share.  A neighbor had told me that she was going to use them for her kids as a reward system.  I decided to jump right up onto that bandwagon.

I now have a jar full of them where I sit.  They each get to pick one if they get along with each other all day, and one if they clean up after themselves all day.  So far (it’s only been three days) it seems to be working well.  And it was a pretty inexpensive way to motivate them.

Hopefully I can ride it out for at least another week or so.  Becca’s teacher just banned them from the class room.  UGH.

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