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Chloe and I got a very cool opportunity.  I was invited to a question-and-answer session and short performance from the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater.  It was way cool.  I was invited because I have a blog.  How about that?  It was yesterday afternoon.  Becca was in school, so Chloe and I started our adventure out.

First, I made her dress up.  She was OK with that.  (This is also her Easter outfit we got on our ‘Good Friday Girly Day.’

Doesn’t she look cute? I love that she’s not all girlie.  The black eye along with the cute outfit completely fits Chloe’s personality.  (The black eye is because she got bit by a dog.  Nothing major, the dog was a neighborhood puppy.  All is well.)

So, we head downtown.  We never go downtown.  We drive PAST downtown.  We go to the museum.  We go to the Science Center.  But I’ve never had the kids downtown.  Chloe was amazed by how tall the buildings ACTUALLY  are.  We parked in a garage (which she thought was cool – I think because it was pretty scary looking).  She loved all the people.  She asked about the rows of newspaper machines (“Wow, Mom! That sure is a lot of newspapers!”).  We finally get to the building where she gets to see the ballet.  Just a snippet, of the ballet, mind you.  Which was good.  It was a litmus test for her.  I had no idea if she would like it or not, or if she would sit still.

We had lunch first.  Well, Chloe had cookies.  We were on the twelfth floor.  There was a beautiful garden terrace.  Chloe loved being that high up.  The people looked small.  She wanted to lean her head over the side of the building.  I held onto her so tightly, I thought she might pee on me.  As I grabbed my stomach out of my throat, I explained to her that heights make mommy a little scared.  And I didn’t want a splat Chloe.  Here’s a pic of her on the terrace:

So, next we got to meet the creative director, Terrence Orr.  He told us about Swan Lake, which is playing next weekend at the Benedum.  (Well, if you want to check out all the ballet stuff, head over to their site, Pittsburgh Ballet Theater. I liked Terrence.  He was a nice guy with a sense of humor.  He also talked about some of the other shows.  Three Musketeers is coming up.  And he talked about how he has added many Pittsburgh touches to The Nutcracker.

Chloe was less than enthralled with the question and answer period.


She kept whispering to me “Mom, this is BORED!”

But, alas, we were escorted down the hall to see our little performance.  She was captivated.  She really loved watching these kids dance. (I can call them kids because, you know, I’m old).  She couldn’t wait to tell Becca all about it (um, rub it in), and play ballet at home.  Mandy, the PR person for the Pgh Ballet, extended an invitation to see the dress rehearsal.  I think that we’re going to go.  Both kids will get to see it, and it will be yet another litmus test.  I’m not sure if they’ll sit more than an hour.  So we’ll see how it goes.

I enjoyed it too! Hell, I can’t even walk gracefully, let alone move like those dancers.  And I got to meet a couple of cool bloggers.  I met Debby Perry.  She runs the Macaroni Kid stuff you may have seen if you’re in my neck of the woods.  And I met Anthony Closky. Cool to see people in person.  And now they’re my twitter buds :)

So, that was our adventure.  Of course, there’s more to tell.  Last night, Becca told me she wanted to be a cheerleader. Registration is tomorrow.  Is this the beginning of me becoming the ‘run your kids around to their activities’ mom?  I’ll keep you in the loop!

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  1. supah says:

    Yah. Listen up everyone.. Me and @hdowney We’re like ” THIS” … so dont’ be trying to steal my new Twitter BFF.

    * eyes on you*

    It was lovely to meet you and your little Chloe. I was thinking of taking the girls to the dress rehearsal instead of the real performance! Perhaps we can meet up ! Let me work out the logistics!

    xxoxo supah

  2. Anthony says:

    It was nice meeting you both. I hope I see you again at the rehearsal.

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