Hello, Spring Break


Well, today was the first day of Spring Break.  Six days off.  In a row.

I’m actually looking forward to it.  (Keep in mind, however, that today IS day one).  We have a bunch of stuff planned.  Today we went to the park with a bunch of friends.  There is a huge hill at the back of this park.  Perfect for “King of the Hill.”  My kids haven’t quite figured out that game yet, but they did figure out how to roll down the hill.  Right into the mud.  They came home filthy, but happy.  Nothing like an afternoon bath after a morning at the park!

Our plans include dying eggs with the extended family, trip to the outlet mall tomorrow, haircuts, some time with my brother and his family, Easter Egg hunt, Easter dinner, and school conferences.  The weather is FANTASTIC!!!!!!  The temperature inside my car today read 77 degrees.

Aaaahhhhh, now THAT feels better.  The girls have been getting along FAIRLY well.  I mean, they are still sisters.  They have their moments.  But they’ve really been depending on each other, protecting each other, and entertaining each other.  They are starting to act older, and I’m OK with that.  In fact, we went to see “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” on Monday.  They were SO well behaved.  I mean, the chair still swallows Chloe a bit.  And she doesn’t like the booster seat.  So she ended up on a lap for most of the time.  But they were good.  Quiet.  Attentive.  Awesome.

And the movie?  Loved it.

So, I hope you enjoy YOUR time with your kids.  Let’s hope they all get along.  And don’t trash the house TOO much.

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