There’s Always a Price


My friend had a great day.

Her husband surprised her with a limo ride from work (at 10-ish in the morning) to a day spa.  Surprise number one.  A bunch of us met for dinner.  Surprise number two.  Then we went to a bar.  More friends there.  Surprise number three.  I think she had a fun birthday.

I was glad that I was able to come out.  Although I was only able to stay for dinner and a couple of drinks after, I had a really good time.  It was nice to be out with grown ups.  No kids.  Love ‘em, but they’re not really the “dinner with some conversation, then some drinks” type ;)

My kids were at my brother’s house.  They had a blast.  They always have fun when they’re with sitters.  And even though I had a great night out, I always end up paying for it one way or another.  My kids were up late.  Not anybody’s fault (well, except maybe for me).  They always stay up late with a sitter…whether they’re at our house or at somebody else’s house.  I think it’s just all the excitement. But they weren’t cranky.

The logical mind would think that maybe they would sleep in the next day.

Fast forward a bit.

“Mom?  Mom. Mom!  It’s seven-three-two.”

“Uh, thanks Chlo.  How about you let Mommy sleep until eight-zer0-zero?”

“OK, Mom.  I’ll cuddle.”   “Mom?  It’s seven-three-three.”

“Mom?  It’s seven-three-four.”

Yeah, that was all I needed.  I was just a little tired (and really, that wasn’t sarcastic…I was only a little tired).  Becca woke up at 8:15.  Which was fine.  We were headed out to an Easter Bunny Breakfast and Egg hunt that morning.  Do you remember?  Remember the fight last year? Well, this year Becca got two tickets.  Chloe didn’t get any.  Becca gave a ticket to Chloe.  Becca got a stuffed animal.  Chloe got a big plastic egg filled with pop rocks.  You know where THAT went.  But, I digress…

So, we headed home.  Had a mellow afternoon.  They headed outside to play with some friends.  And then it hit them.  They were crabby.  And sensitive.  Tears.  Everywhere.  They were just exhausted.  Hell, by that time I was more than a little tired.  They needed some quiet time.  So we all laid down on the couch and watched a movie.

So, the trade off for having a fun night with friends?  Crabby kids the next day.  Never fails.

We (a bunch of moms) have decided that the next big night out involved a hotel room and sleeping in.  Definitely.

We just have to convince the dads.

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