Well, the newest addition to our family is growing up and leaving hair everywhere. Remember Rex?

Well, he’s becoming a man :)  Even more so.  I’m not sure if you remember the post about his girlfriend or not.  The girls asked about that, but didn’t have any probing questions.  And I’m going to start this story off as delicately as I can.  Let me just say that Rex isn’t neutered.

He prefers to lay on his back, legs all spread apart.  Well, a few months ago, when the…um…”boys” popped out, Chloe had some concern.  I’m going to tell you exactly what she said, but let me first say that Rex’s belly (and those other various parts) is white with black spots.  Just so happens, that the black spots landed exactly on the boys.

Chloe came running into the kitchen, screaming in a panic.

“Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!”

“What!!!” I screamed.  I was hoping nobody lost a finger.

“Rex has meatballs coming out of his but!”

“Um, what?”  I didn’t really make the connection right away.  It took a second.  But it did hit me before I actually SAW the dog.

As I chuckled under my breath, I gently told Chloe that they were not, in fact, meatballs.  All these different words (both medical and slang) flew through my brain.  I decided to keep it as simple as possible.

“Chloe, those are his boy parts.  Girl parts are inside.  Boy parts are on the outside.”

She looked at me, and I saw the wheels turning in her head.  Obviously, the next question HAD to come.

“Do Dad’s boy parts look like that?”

I simply answered “Well, Dad’s not a dog. If you want to know anything else, you’re going to have to ask Dad.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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