Big, Tough Sissy


You know, I’m not a person who cries all that much.  I THINK that my friends and family consider me pretty tough.  I’m not overly emotional or sappy.  I roll with the punches.  I don’t fret over things that I’ve done in my past.  My head is pretty clear.

Don’t get me wrong.  I DO cry when it comes to those major times in life when having a cry is good.  Death.  Miscarriage.  You know.

**OK, now that I’ve brought you all down, let’s move on**

I have a dirty little secret, though.  I cry like a hungry baby when I am proud or overly happy.  School concerts?  I cry.  First day Becca got on the bus?  Tears.  Weddings?  **sniff, sniff**  And here is the stupidest thing of all that makes me cry.  Folgers commercials.


Back in the day (I think this one is from the eighties), I used to cry every time I saw this Folgers commercial when Peter comes home for Christmas.

Well, this morning, as I was brushing the kids’ hair and getting ready for school, I saw a new Folgers commercial.  I couldn’t find it on YouTube, but it basically has a twenty-something girl drinking coffee at the kitchen table.  Dad comes down and tells her that she came in pretty late last night.  She tells Dad that she’s not sixteen anymore, and he won’t have to worry about that much longer, and shows him an engagement ring.


Becca was very confused about my tears.  When I explained that I would cry when SHE got engaged, she told me that she wouldn’t get married.  I told her that they would be HAPPY tears.

She looked at me like I had “Crazy” stamped on my forehead.

If all is right with the universe, she’ll get my crying gene.

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