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I’m finally doing it. I’m (we’re) taking the kids to Disney World.

I have this small part of me that really feels like a kid when I go to Disney. But that’s not really the hook for me. I REALLY love seeing peoples’ faces when they experience Disney for the first time. I’ve only been there four or five times, but the last couple of times I went were awesome.

:::again, imagine the wavy lines taking you back in time:::

Tony and I had just gotten back together after being apart for a year. In that year, I had started making a decent (well, decent for my age) amount of money and had moved into my own apartment. Tony had moved to West Virginia. And we were doing the whole ‘long distance’ thing until the school year was over at the end of April. In December, I decided we were going to Disney World. I didn’t have much cash, especially seeing that I had just moved out on my own. But I did have some. I purchased some two-bit package from AAA. I was getting the airfare, tickets, and a room at a past-its-prime motel about a half an hour away.

The trip was great. We had fun just being together. The look on Tony’s face when he a) got on a plane for the first time and 2) walked on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom was awesome. We got to spend an entire week together, and I was thrilled to show him all this stuff for the first time. (But the most memorable thing of the whole trip was the beam falling down from the ceiling in our motel room. And the fact that the water in the pool was only 70 degrees and Tony INSISTED that if he was in Florida, he was going to go swimming.)

::::OK, wavy lines again. Back to the present::::

So, it’s not like I have some crazy obsession with Disney. I don’t. But I am UBER excited to see my kids experience this place for the first time. They have absolutely no idea. And you know, they’re not really into princesses, or Mickey Mouse, or anything Disney. They DO like Toy Story. And I’ve talked up the Tower of Terror enough, so now they’re excited about that. But even though they’re not so into Disney, I know it will blow them away.

Not to mention, it will be awesome for the four of us to be together for eight days. (We’re going to drive over to Cape Coral and visit with my folks for a few days before we come home.) I think the fact that we won’t exactly be RELAXING will be good, too. You see, Tony has a little bit of a problem leaving the restaurant. He is constantly thinking about what is going on, and worrying if everything is OK. I figure, if we’re in Florida, he can’t really do anything. And if we’re running around from park to park and swimming and such, he may not HAVE TIME to think about the restaurant.

That’s my evil plan, anyway. Let’s hope it works.

Well, I guess everybody is basically caught up to speed. I did start smoking again in December (I lasted an entire month without smoking). I WILL quit again. Soon. I have been very good about going to the gym, and I’ve actually lost about seven pounds. And I’m working on setting up some e-commerce websites. More to come on that. And I’m sure I’ll have another story about something that one of the kids said. Just give them a few days :)

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