Art, Nyquil and Wire Hangers


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Saturday morning, as I tried to wake up from my Nyquil hangover, the kids decided that they wanted to go spend their money. They wanted to sell various bags of ‘stuff’ to their friends. These bags contained small toys that they didn’t want anymore and some candy. They made up a bag for each of their friends. I told them that it probably wasn’t a good idea to try and make their friends buy this stuff from them. Giving these bags to their friends? Fine. So, I asked Becca if she wanted to try to sell some of her artwork online. She was all for it. I scanned in her latest art project from school, and what you see above is what we came up with. Here’s a link to Becca’s artwork, too.  Of course, she wanted to BUY everything that she made.

We went through our day, and I had a plan.  I was crabby and sick.  We had some running around to do for the restaurant (it was the day of the St. Patrick’s Day parade – one of our busiest days of the year).  After we did our work, I was going to take them to Target to spend their money.

Well, we get to Target and they’re just super excited to spend.  They had 34 dollars.  I told them that if they wanted to buy a game for the Wii, that I would pay the difference.  They I had my eye on Wii Sports Resort.  A few of the neighbors have it, and their kids all seem to really enjoy it.  They wanted nothing to do with it.  So, we head back to the toys.  I told them that they needed to pick something out that would keep them busy for the afternoon.  I had visions of my arse plopped on the couch with a blanket, tea and some tissues.

Well, they started with a bunch of crap.  A plastic dump truck and squishy dinosaur for Chloe.  A fake princess camera and musical wand for Becca.  Really?!?!?  That stuff would last them five minutes.  Finally, Becca spotted UNO.  She plays it in school, and would teach Chloe.  OK, fine.  Then we got a game called Don’t Make Me Laugh Jr. I figured I could still lay on the couch, but I could read the cards.  I was figuring that this would take up an hour, tops.  So, I went ahead and bought Sports Resort.  And the extra controller add on.  And I forgot the tissues.

Well, we got home and they started playing.  I had to play UNO.  I had to play the other game.  They were arguing and fighting.  I set up the Wii.  I got them started.  More arguing.  More fighting.  More phlegm in my head.  Tired.  Had to make dinner.

I snapped.

I had a mom freak out.  “Can’t the two of you just get along for more than ten minutes?”  “Chloe, you keep hurting yourself because you DON’T LISTEN TO MOM. STOP JUMPING ON THE COUCH!!! QUIT ATTACKING THE DOG!!!”  “Does anybody care that I feel like a GIGANTIC PILE OF CRAP? Is it your mission in life to just make me feel miserable? CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!?!?!?!?”

Yeah, it wasn’t pretty.  I didn’t yell about wire hangers, but that’s exactly what I felt like.  Good ol’ Mommie Dearest.

Now, I know these things happen.  I think that everybody freaks out every once in a while.  But man, the guilt. We all made up, and we all apologized.

They DO really like Wii Sports Resort, though….

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