Sorry about the ugly :(


Well, I have to apologize about the ugly that’s all over the blog.  I had a little boo-boo.

Now I’ll admit, I hadn’t written for quite a while.  Then, a few weeks ago, I decided I felt like writing again.  So I log into my blog.  Across the top of my admin screen, it’s screaming at me “UPDATE TO WORDPRESS 2.9.2 NOW.”  So, I figured “what the hell.”  Writing a post could wait the half an hour it takes to update wordpress.

Um, wrong.

Just like a man who doesn’t read the instructions before he tries to put something together, I just clicked away.  It started off well.  I skipped the back up, since I hadn’t written in so long.  I figured I had a backup on my computer from December (I later came to find out…also wrong.)

Everything went chugging along, until I got the message that said “You must be running MySQL 5.0 to upgrade.  Upgrade failed.” (OK, maybe I shouldn’t have put quotes there…but that’s how I remember it).  And that was it.  No going back.  I wasn’t able to do ANYTHING.  I started getting tons of spam comments, waiting for me to approve them (174 to be exact).

I neither had the time or the desire to dive into the project it would be to just get wordpress up and running again.

But tonight I did it. I did all sorts of technical crazy stuff.  I switched databases…I imported from the old one…my alarm is going to go off in six hours.

So, for now, have some ugly.  I’ll make it pretty and tell you all the stories from Christmas up until this crazy, snowy February.

Good night! :)

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