Let’s Pretend It’s December


OK, we’re just gonna pretend that it’s December.  Looks like December outside.  Except for the Christmas decorations.  Anyway….

***note:  If this were a movie, the screen would get all wiggly, ‘cuz we’re going back in time…***

The Christmas buzz was in the air.  The kids were ready to be done with school and score some loot.  But here’s the thing.  Becca REALLY wanted one of those darn zhu-zhu pets.  Along with every other kid on the face of this Earth.  A few weeks before the Christmas break began, my niece-in-law (who we’ll just say is my niece, because it’s easier) asked me if I had bought Chloe a zhu-zhu pet for Christmas.  Nope.  Hadn’t done it.  Chloe wasn’t really asking for one all that much.  She went through a few days around Thanksgiving saying that she wanted one.  But then it changed to something else…and something else…and something else…

You get the idea.

Well my niece found some zhu-zhu’s online for a good price and got one for Chloe.  Which was great.  As I thought about this situation, a vision of loving sisters danced in my head.  And I thought it would be a little experiment.  They had been getting along great (I’m sure it had something to do with my Santa-Cams-in-every-lightbulb-ever-made story).  So, I had this vision of them sharing this gift.  Really.

I did consider getting one for Becca.  My sister in law called me the Friday before Christmas (as I had three children in my car on the way to school).  She was at Wal-Mart and they had seven more left.  They were only letting customers purchase one. She got one for her daughter.  Could I get there in time?  I still had to drop off these darn kids!!!  Needless to say, I didn’t make it.

We open our gifts on the morning of Christmas Eve.  (Yup…maybe I’ll tell that story later.  Maybe I already have.  I dunno).  We would see Tony’s family (and aforementioned zhu-zhu pet) at Tony’s sister’s house that night.  We get there, see everybody, chow down on some fantastic Christmas dinner, and get to the gifts.  The kids tear in.  I’m watching Chloe with excitement and anticipation.  She opens the zhu-zhu, smiles a gigantic smile, runs up to Becca and says “Becca, WE got a zhu-zhu pet!!!”

My heart about exploded.  I was so proud.  They were so happy. Christmas is beautiful.

Really?  Did you think it was gonna end there?  Nope.  After about an hour, Chloe wasn’t so excited about the sharing.  Becca wasn’t complaining (which is not exactly like her).  She just sat on the couch very quietly.  I did the correct mom thing.  We talked about it.  She presented her case in a very lady-like, calm manner.  Which also made me proud.  I told her that the best I could do was to try on the day after Christmas.  I would call the stores.

Well, I called.  Nothing.  So, we head to Amazon and find a zhu-zhu pet with a couple of accessories.  But, even with the super-duper-fast-and-expensive shipping, it wouldn’t come until Tuesday.  She was OK with that, and started counting down the days.  I wasn’t about to spend fifty bucks on this toy and shipping, so I took the offer that Amazon always has for the $40 credit if you open a credit card.  Like I need another credit card.  But I digress…

That Monday, as I was headed off to work, the UPS man walked up to my car.  There it was.  Becca’s zhu-zhu.

I ran it up to her.  I was the hero.  I was better than Santa because SHE got to pick out her zhu-zhu.  Mom saved the day! She rocks! Mom can always make it better.

I think the last day they played with zhu-zhu’s was December 30.  Which will lead us into New Years Day.  And this one goes down in history…

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