Back From My Winter Hibernation


Winter kicks me in the ass every time.  And this one was extra bad!  The snowiest month EVER in Pittsburgh? Blech. Add to that a week with no school, a January with a kid with a broken bone (story to follow, don’t worry ;-) ), and the constant struggle of what I want to be when I grow up.

But, spring is near (even though there is a fresh 4 or 5 inches on the ground).  I almost peed in my pants a little last week, because I was so excited to see a squirrel.

So, I have some stories to catch you up on.  Should take about a week or so to play catch up here.  I’m sure I won’t cover EVERYTHING that you missed…but here’s the preview of potential blog post titles:  1)  Mom Rocks more than Santa 2) New Year, New Bone Growth 3) Boy Parts and 4) That Famous Rat.

So there’s your teaser.  Just like they do for the news. You’ll have to stay tuned to get all of the details…

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