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I’ve been going to the gym faithfully, five or six times a week, for about a month now.  I didn’t take advantage of the ‘new member, 1 hour long orientation.’  I probably should…I still  might.  Simply going on the bikes or the elliptical (my favorite) is starting to get a little stale…I need to  mix it up a bit.  The weight machines?  They sort of intimidate me.  I’ve never been very into exercise on purpose.  I mean, in high school I was a cheerleader and on drill team, so I kept my body moving.  But until the past few years, I’ve never thought “I should exercise.”  So, Tony and I are going to the gym together on Monday.  He’s going to act like my gay trainer (Why gay?  I don’t know…but he does a great flaming gay guy.  Gay guys are just fun).  He knows how to use all those crazy weight machines, so I’ll get a crash course.

Now, this week I was on the elliptical four out of the five times I was at the gym.  So, come Saturday I felt like my body needed a bit of a break.  My thigh muscles were just begging for it.  I checked out the class schedule and saw that there was a yoga class.  Hmmm.  Yoga.  Stretching, calming, being one with your body.  So I took the yoga class.

Holy crap, it kicked my ass.

I have sore muscles where I forgot there were muscles.  I think I cramped up about four times during the class.  I’m going back to my beloved elliptical  machine today.  And I’m taking some Advil.

So be careful…yoga isn’t some pansy thing.  Will I try the yoga class again?  Meh, not any time soon.  Maybe after I lose the weight I want to lose I’ll try it again.


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