The Crazies, They Are A Comin'


You know the crazies are coming, don’t you?

I mean, they’re coming for me.  I’m assuming that they’re coming for every other person (or at least every other mother) in the world, too.

It’s that month between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It’s one month of slightly controlled chaos, enormous amounts of pressure and lots of extra calories.

I don’t mean to sound like a Scrooge, but I’ve NEVER been big on Christmas.  I take that back.  I was never really big on Christmas once I had to be the grown up (even before I had kids).  I don’t like deadlines, I stress about whether or not I bought something for all the people on ‘the list,’ should I have joined that cookie exchange and did I send cards out to everybody that I got a card from?


So, because Thanksgiving is not until next week, I’m sticking with the whole “Let’s make a better Heather” theme.  Smoking habit?  Kicked. (Don’t get me wrong…I still want to smoke.  A lot.  But I won’t).  Exercise?  Check – five times a week at the gym.  Weight?  Working on it with the exercise and some bland tasting, low calorie foods.  Except for the bag of Heath bars I bought that were on sale after Halloween.  But they’re very small :P  I’m doing all the crap my doctor wants me to do.  I just need a check up at the dentist, AND I need to get my hair done.

So, tomorrow I’m going to get my hair cut and colored.  Let’s see…I’m going to look back at some old posts…The last time I got my hair cut and colored would be August 13th.  More than three months.  Which explains the roots that are over an inch long.  And the greys.

Oh, the greys.

So, tomorrow will be it for a while.  The last thing I do for me until after Christmas.  Then I’ll be officially diving in.  Present buying, cookie making, wrapping, cards, decorating, attending concerts, making treat bags for school…the list will go on forever.  I’m gonna slap a smile on my face and enjoy it, damn it!  Really, I am.

I just hope I don’t come out on the other side of Christmas as a smoking, lazy, 50 pound overweight mom with a crushed sense of self and a crushed sense of humor.

But hey, then at least I won’t have a hard time picking out some resolutions for 2010.

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