Oh So Thankful


Well, lots of things are just going just peachy here.  It’s been two weeks since I’ve had a cigarette.  Do I still want one?  Yes, every day.  In fact, I want one right now at this exact moment.  Being at the restaurant is the hardest…everybody here smokes.

I’ve also been very good about going to the gym and exercising.  And even though I couldn’t go to the gym yesterday, I still exercised.  I did some disco abs thingie on Comcast OnDemand.  Chloe did it with me.  It was quite comical.

I don’t want to gain any weight because of the whole no smoking thing.  I know that if I stepped on a scale and saw that I GAINED five pounds, I would get my fat ass in the car and drive down to the convenience store for cigarettes.  Plain and simple.  So, I’ve also joined Weight Watchers online (just for three months…then I’m going to cancel.  In fact, ‘cancel Weight Watchers’ is already in my to-do list for February).  I didn’t realize how much CRAP (well, not crap in the literal sense.  But crappy food.) I shove in my mouth.  Especially after getting those two bags of Halloween candy for half off.  The Heath bars?  Long gone.  But I still have the Mounds.  I’m thinking I should just finish off the bag and delay Weight Watchers for a few days.  :)

Because my timing is always so perfect, it just so happens that Thanksgiving falls this week.  So, I’ll be eating a ton of food that day.  Oh well.  At least I don’t really have to cook anything.  I still have my sister in laws convinced that I can’t cook.  Which is just fine with me.  My assignment for Thanksgiving dinner?  Celery stuffed with cream cheese and peanut butter.  I almost got found out a couple of months ago, and my sister in law Anita found out that I make a mean ham.  I have since sworn her to secrecy.  Since she’s not actual Downey blood, I think I’ll be OK.  I’ll probably get found out right now…but hopefully they think that I’m lying right now and that I really can’t cook.

Kristina – you just roll with me here.  Don’t tell your aunts.  But that’s why you got stuck making pies. Because they know you can.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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