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I’ve mentioned the Law of Attraction before, and the role it has played in my life.

But now it’s starting to get weird.

I’ve been reading up again on some LOA stuff.  I find that if I brush up every six months or so, I stay on track with knowing what my goals are and staying focused on those goals.  A few years back (three, maybe?), when I first read The Secret, I put something out there, and I never told anybody about it.  Being the logical, naturally skeptical person that I am, I decided to give the law of attraction a few tests.  When I would think about it, I would use it for a great parking space, a short line at the store or green lights while driving.  One big thing that I threw out there was a feather.  More specifically, I pictured a very large bright pink feather laying on the ground.  I thought, OK, if this stuff really works, this bright pink feather will come into my life.  Just one feather.

Fast forward to October 31, 2009.  After a night at a neighbor’s party, I woke up and came down into my kitchen to a) take three ibuprofen and b) drink some coffee.  And I saw it.  One very large and very bright pink feather laying on my counter.  I was so, well, hungover that I didn’t make the connection right away.  Later that afternoon, when Tony was awake, it hit me.

“Where the hell did this huge pink feather come from?” I asked.  He said that Mary, his sister (who had dressed as an American Indian) gave it to him for the girls.  It had fallen out of her costume.  Then I told Tony about the whole Law of Attraction/pink feather story.


Two days later, we were sitting in the basement.  The girls were playing and Tony and I were watching television.  I knew that my neighbor would be stopping by to pick up her son’s special cup that he had left at our house that afternoon.  It was about fifteen minutes before she said she would be there, and I looked at Tony and asked if he thought we would hear the doorbell down in the basement.  Right exactly after I said that?



The next day, I was on the telephone with Tony (he was at work).  I had been forgetting to tell him about a band that wanted to play at the bar.  While I was talking to him (about something completely different), the thought of this band hit me like a ton of bricks.  I told him to stop whatever he was telling me, I HAD to tell him about this band–I’d been forgetting for a week!.  I sat at the computer to sift through my emails and get this man’s phone number.  As I started my email program and it checked for new mail, I got an email from this guy!  The time stamp was just a minute earlier…when that overwhelming feeling hit me like a ton of bricks.

I’ve decided that i don’t believe in coincidence anymore.  EVERYTHING happens for a reason….even if I don’t really know what that reason might be.

On a side note, the non-smoking me is doing very well.  Although I may become addicted to dum-dum suckers and double bubble gum.  Oh well :)

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