Holy Grocery Store, Batman!


Well, this morning after I dropped Chloe off at preschool, I decided to check out the new Market District Giant Eagle.  It is honking huge.  Now, I just needed a few essentials, and I only had a little bit of time.  But this is a place where you could spend hours and hours.  First I headed towards the Citizens Bank to the banking for the restaurant.  Not so lucky there…it doesn’t open until 10:00.  So, I meandered a bit.  I walked past the seafood counter.  Want fresh frog legs?  No problem.  They have every kind of meat and seafood you can imagine.  The bakery just looked fantastic.  I didn’t play too much in the restaurant area, because I was pushing a cart.  But it looked way cool.

It took me some time to find the things I ACTUALLY needed, but it would have taken me time in any grocery store that I was in for the first time.  I found what I needed, held back my desire to plop myself down with coffee and a book, and headed out.  For 9:00 in the morning, that place was pretty darn busy.

You may have read yesterday that I finished the daily to-do list.  I think I will finish today’s, also.  Just one problem, though…three of our waitresses called off for the night.  Out of five.  Jinkies.  I’m scrambling to get shifts covered.

I haven’t waited on a table in seven years.

Please, God, don’t make me have to go in there and play waitress.  I don’t think I have the energy.

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