Have Chicks, Will Travel


It has been crazy beautiful here in the ‘burgh for November.  It was sunny and sixty five degrees yesterday.  As I was going through my normal Saturday morning routine (mostly involving paperwork for the restaurant), I spied with my little eye four free passes to the Pittsburgh zoo that were on my fridge.  They were set to expire at the end of December.  I looked outside, I looked at the passes, I looked at the kids.  “Who wants to go to the zoo today?”

There was literally cheers and jumping up and down.

So, after we finished all of our work at home, we packed up.  We had to stop at the bank and the restaurant first, but then we could have our little adventure.  As we were getting ready to go, Becca asked me where my backpack was.  I told her it was in the closet….why?  She told me that I needed to take it to the zoo.  OK, I understood.  I told her I didn’t need to take it to the zoo…I didn’t need diapers, wipes, bottles, extra formula, etc.  The last time I took Chloe to the zoo, she was just about to turn three.  Well…she was out of diapers by then.  But I still needed that emergency extra outfit, just in case.  (I never actually had to use the extra outfit, but I felt better just having it).

I told the girls that they were much easier to just take along to places now.  And they are.  I fed them McDonalds in the car.  Beautiful.  I didn’t have to rent a wagon – they walked the whole time.  Chloe was a bit nervous on whether or not the animals could get out.  We had a great time – the two favorites were the monkeys and the polar bears.  One of the polar bears was in the water, playing with his toys.  We ended the day in the Kids Kingdom, running across wobbly bridges, crawling through tunnels and climbing gigantic rope spider webs.

There wasn’t any fighting.  Although there were a few attempts to plead for a stuffed animal to take home, they both settled for a huge sucker and a mood ring (yes, I got a mood ring for myself, too – but not a sucker).  It was a fantastic afternoon.  It was one of those days that I fantasized about when I was awake at 3:00 am feeding a bottle to a cranky infant.

My chicks rock.  My family rocks.  Although Tony couldn’t be with us yesterday, we get to have an awesome family day today.  I’m holding on to yesterday.  And next week, when I’m screaming for everybody to stop touching each other, telling Chloe to stop choking the dog and cleaning up everybody’s mess, I’m going to stop, sit down, and think about yesterday.

Maybe it will stop me from having the “Mom Freakout.”

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