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Well, how the hell are ya?  I’m just peachy, thanks.  We made it through Halloween pretty well.  I went to a party (no kids allowed) up the street on Devil’s Night and realized that I can’t play drinking games like I used to.  Although I didn’t have a big hangover, I did have a big headache…and needed about five more hours of sleep on Halloween morning.

Trick-or-treat was changed up a bit this year.  Tony took the girls around while I stayed at the home front and passed out the goods.  The girls were happy with their stash of junk food, and have been playing candy store ever since.

I am in the process of going through some pretty wicked nicotine withdrawal.  But I’m still smoking.  How, you ask?  Well, I’ve been using these Quest low nicotine cigarettes.  Although they are incredibly hard to find, I managed to get enough to get by (I think).  These smokes are set up in three steps.  Regular cigarettes have about 1.9 mg of nicotine in them.  The step 1 Quest cigs have .6 mg of nicotine.  I am on my last pack of the step 2 cigarettes, and they have .3 mg of nicotine in each.  Step three is nicotine free.  I’ve been smoking the same amount of cigarettes I usually smoke (about a half to 3/4 of a pack a day).  But, believe me, I’ve felt the difference in my body not getting nicotine!  Up until today, I have had the severe sleepies.  At first I didn’t make the connection.  Then a couple of days into it, I realized that my body was functioning without the high levels of stimulants it was used to.

I have about two and a half packs of cigarettes left (one of step 2 and 2 of step 3…like I said, they were hard to come by).  I figured that once my body was done needing nicotine it would be easier to work on the psychological addiction I have.

OK…enough about that.  Can I tell you that I actually STARTED CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TODAY?  Well, it was all online, but I still bought a few toys for the kids.  I’m going to convince myself that I love the Christmas season, I love to shop, and the whole thing is stress-free…even enjoyable.  Right now I don’t believe any of those things that I just typed.  But, I’ll bring that good old law of attraction with me and just believe it.

Well, happy weekend :)

BTW – I finished my whole to-do list for today.  “blog post” was the last thing!!!!

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