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Over the past 5 or so years, I’ve read a bunch of self help books.  It started with The Secret, then I continued reading a bunch of Law of Attraction books.  I found the whole thing fascinating.  I tried some of the things I read about, and gosh darn it, this stuff seemed to work.

Only here’s one thing I’ve discovered.  You can read as many self help books as you can fit into a day.  It just won’t do too much if you don’t follow the instructions.  My head is full of all different kinds of things that I’d like to try.  But trying them out can be difficult.  I get so used to what I HAVE to do every day, fulfilling responsibilities and what not, that it’s hard to introduce something new into my daily routine.  The good side of this?  I haven’t had time time or energy to start drinking in the middle of the day ;)  But it does seem that my life is at one of those plateaus, and I’m not going to go any further ‘up’ if I don’t change something.

That brings me to a book that I had the chance to review.  The title of the book is “You Can Break-Free Fast ” (you can visit the website at www.breakfreefast.com).  This has a little thing in it called EFT and tapping.  It was a pretty interesting read, and was backed up by some research at Pitt.  I think that this whole ‘tapping’ thing could be something that really helps you reach into your ‘inner’ brain and memories.  If I could remember to fit it into my schedule on a regular basis, it could really be something helpful.

I’m sure I’ll get there.  I did try it out…I thought about quitting smoking, did the tapping, and my memory flashed back to a day in high school.  I really think it was the day I truly decided to become a smoker.  And it’s funny, I don’t really remember a lot of specific details about times in high school.  But when I did this, I remembered a lot of specific details.  Crazy.

I enjoyed reading this book, though.  And I’ll try to squeeze some of the stuff into my life.  Really.


  1. Hi there,

    Brainlint….it’s great!
    Your post makes so much sense when you are talking about self help books. The difference is taking action like you mentioned. I did not read the book on EFT and tapping but sometime time back I did a little reading on the subject and found “tapping” to have some degree of effectiveness.

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