It's the Little Distractions


You know, it’s getting a lot easier to work with my kids at home.  Well, with one kid at home most of the time, because the other one is at school.  But even when they’re both here, they’ve figured out that I’m old and boring.  They entertain themselves by playing school, or Spongebob, or Scooby Doo.  They’ve even been letting me sleep in on the weekends!  I tried a little experiment last week.  I told them that they weren’t supposed to come into my bedroom until the clock said “eight, zero, zero.”  Last weekend was sort of a bust.  They were in my room at least ten times between seven and eight o’clock.

BUT, this weekend was an entirely different story. On Saturday, Becca strolled into my room and said “Mom, I forgot to watch the clock and now it says eight-three-three.”  Bonus.  Now the rules are that they have to stay upstairs and play in one or the other’s room.  Today Becca walked in and announced it was eight-zero-one.  Fine, I’ll take that!

So, I’m getting sleep, the kids are entertaining themselves, but I’m still having some problems finishing my to-do list.  It’s all because of one word.


I’ve really enjoyed getting back in touch with old friends and school mates.  But I find myself doing things like…

playing Bejeweled Blitz.  It’s really quite addictive.  And I’m pretty darn good at it.  But here’s the problem.  I start playing it, and all of a sudden it’s an hour later.  And I’m wondering why my butt is numb.

Today, I wasted some time over at JibJab.  A friend of mine made a little video of her family, so I decided to do the same thing.  Here are the end results:

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That killed about a half an hour or so. But it DID make the kids giggle….so I guess it was all worth it :)

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