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Well, now that I’m all grown up and stuff (don’t I sound sophisticated?), I’ve figured out that I’m not invincible, and I need to start dealing with my health a bit.

First off, I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because I’ve had some pain in my knees.  Nothing major, but a constantly there, dull sort of pain.  For about two or three months.  Well, it was time to shit or get off the pot.  The doc did a physical exam of my knees, didn’t seem to see anything major wrong, ordered blood tests (for some crazy stuff) and some x-rays.  As he was ordering the blood tests, he saw that the last time I had my cholesterol checked, it was on the high side.  Not ‘officially’ high, but pushing it.  So, he decided to run a cholesterol test, too.  I haven’t gone to get the x-rays yet, and the blood tests all came back fine…except for the cholesterol.

So, the day after I went to the doctor, I’m all of a sudden on medicine for my cholesterol, and glucosamine/chondrointin for my knees.  ::sigh::

I figured that since I had gotten this big health ball rolling, I may as well keep on going.  So yesterday I started with nicotine gum.

I love smoking.  I am not only physically addicted, but after 24 years it feels like it is a serious part of me.  My brother recently quit, and he used a combination of the patch and Quest low nicotine cigarettes.  I thought that the gum would be enough, but today I went and got the Quest smokes, too.  I’ve tried this before, and I’m hoping this time it goes a little more smoothly.  Now, if the world were perfect, I could just lock myself in my bedroom for a week and stay curled in the fetal position while I detoxed.  However, that’s not the case.  I still have to clean, take care of kids, and work.  And to do all of that I need coffee.  And quitting the whole cigarette/coffee combination will be the hardest.  I’m hoping that this Quest cigarette thing helps me out with this part.

So, I’ll keep you updated.  Even if I’m doing horribly. Yesterday?  I lived on just three pieces of nicotine gum.  Today?  Also three pieces of nicotine gum, a stolen cigarette at 9 am from my sister-in-law, and two Quest cigarettes this afternoon (mostly to try them out).

Today?  We’re headed outdoors to enjoy the Indian Summer (and the lady beetles – ewwww).  About nine or ten neighborhood kids, along with 3 or 4 moms (actually, there may be a dad in there).

So, happy day!!!!!

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  1. wow! Way to go on quitting the cigarettes! My dh quit before we met (after 20 or so years of smoking). He says the first two or three months were the hardest but it did get easier after that.

    Good luck! You can do this! (If I’ve managed to lose 120 pounds in 17 months, you so can succeed at quitting smoking!) And your kids will thank you for it too!

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