Halloween Horrors


If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love Halloween.  And if I have mentioned it before, it’s worth saying again.  I’m not a big Christmas girl.  But Halloween?  I’ve always loved it.  Growing up, I loved being scared, I loved figuring out what my costume was going to be and I loved, loved, loved trick-or-treating.  I would push my mental and physical limits to hit as many homes as I possibly could.  And trick-or-treating the city streets of Pittsburgh involved many, many hills.  My calves would be sore, but I’d have a bag full o’ loot.

As an adult, I still enjoy Halloween.  But it sure has changed.  First off, it’s changed for the kids.  In my neighborhood growing up, we had a parade which was then followed by trick-or-treat.  Although it was a bit unconventional…we did our trick-or-treating on the Saturday before Halloween, in the afternoon.  ( I think it officially went from 3:00-5:00).  One day, one shot.  We would hit a haunted house some time in October, and we may have had a party at school.

Halloween now starts at the end of September.  I have to admit, we had our Halloween decorations up the third week of September.  We have treat bags for everybody at school.  Each child has a Halloween parade at school.  And there’s the neighborhood parade.  And there’s a pumpkin walk on our walking trail nearby.  Trick or treat at the mall, trick or treat at the hospital (um, not this year…thanks H1N1).  Hell, going to the Halloween store is almost as good as taking the kids to a haunted house.  Even the isles at Wal-mart and Target entertain the kids.  We have Halloween pencils, Halloween erasers, Halloween shirts and socks.

I actually get to go to a GROWN UP Halloween party this year.  Costume?  Um, I’ll figure something out that day.  Trick-or-treating?  I’m just hoping that it doesn’t rain…we did that one year…it wasn’t pretty.  Seeing that I’m pushing 40, on old people medication and get a buzz off of two drinks, my bright eyed child-like view of Halloween has just about vanished.  Although I still enjoy the scary stuff (and the campy stuff), I’m too worried about making the entire month of October chock full of Halloween fun for the kids.

Being responsible can sort of suck.  Until I see them watching Goosebumps, peeking out from under blankets.  And when it’s over, they ask for more.

Hee, hee.  I’ve gotten them all wrapped up in the Halloween crap.  They love it.  And maybe when I have grandkids I’ll get to just ENJOY it instead of PLANNING it.

See?  There is life after 40.

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  1. Mike says:

    Try running a haunted house for your kids’ school. Then you’ll be tired of planning for Halloween.

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