If You Wanna Be My Lover


As I finished cleaning up a big ol’ mess of dog poop this morning, I thought “Yup, I’ll write about the dog today.” That dog poop? It was in my house. Just as I thought I was free of diapers and potty training, I get a puppy. Ugh. He’s getting better, but there are still “accidents.” Usually about every other day.

He really is like having an infant. The dog is three months old. He gets crazy and cranky when he needs to go outside. He runs around the house like a bat out of hell. He barks, gets every one of his toys out and jumps up on the kids. The first time he did this I thought he was just being playful. Then he took a crap. The light bulb appeared above my head. Problem is, he does this when he needs to sleep, too. Just like a cute little baby, he gets cranky and crazy before he needs to pass out. And just like my Chloe, needs to be in a certain spot to sleep. Rex will doze on the kitchen floor, but that’s not for a deep sleep. For a really deep sleep, he needs to be in the crate. But he won’t just go into the crate when he’s really crazy tired. I have to figure that out for him.

So far, he really sounds like an infant, huh? He picks up little things off the floor and puts them in his mouth. He’s afraid of very loud noises. He likes to cuddle. Other than the whole four legs and fur thing, there has been one MAJOR difference.

His girlfriend. And yes…it’s a girlfriend in the biblical sense.

Here’s the thing, though. His girlfriend is not a dog. It is this:


Just in case you can’t see that picture, this is an orange fleece blanket.  He’s had his way with this blanket since about day one.  The kids, of course, don’t exactly realize what’s going on.  Thank God.  But it was pretty funny when Becca stated that he loves that blanket so much he probably wants to marry it.  Uh, yeah.

And now, as I’m writing this, Rex is eating a gigantic moth.  Moth hunter, and my kids’ bestest buddy.

What did I get myself into?

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  1. LOL! I had a cat (a neutered cat) who used to do that to the kids’ stuffed animals! LOL!

  2. Jenn says:

    Well, it is Steeler Gold. Maybe he is just trying to show his “love” for our team.

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