Motherhood Demerit


Dear Woman Behind Me in Line at the Science Center Gift Shop,

Do you realize that when you talk to your child like he’s stupid, you are killing any bit of self esteem he might have?  While you had your little ‘moment’ telling your kid that it wasn’t a good idea to spend the six bucks on the plastic slinky, it wasn’t the words that you chose, but your condecending tone.  When your child went back and got the metal slinky, did you reassuringly tell him it was a better choice?  No.  I’m not sure if you saw my kids staring at you while you snipped and scoffed at your son.  My girls looked at you like deer in headlights.

I understand that EVERY mother has her moments.  I’m not saying that I don’t yell at my kids.  But seeing that you did this in PUBLIC with everybody watching made me wonder what you are like at home.  I wanted to turn around and tell you that you were being a royal bitch.

But I didn’t.  Instead I wrote this.

And we made funof you in the car on the way home.  And my kids said “Mom…you’re a fun, nice mom.”  When they were acting up later in the day, I told them that I could be as mean as that lady in line.  That worked, and they started behaving.

I really hope that you were just having a bad day, and that you’re not like that all the time.

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  1. Jenn says:

    Nice post. Truth be told, this is why I rarely take my kids shopping – I’m afraid I’ll go off on them in public. I think it is from dealing with kids all day at work but . . . I need to call my therapist . . .

  2. Heather says:

    You know, I can understand going off (even in public) if a kid is actually being bad…whining or crying for something. But this kid was being calm and level headed. I just felt bad for him.

    Now, if he had been complaining, crying or throwing a tantrum then I’m all for correcting him – even flipping out. Public or not, it’s OK if the kid pushes the limits. But this kid wasn’t.

  3. Agree 100%

    I reserve the right to correct (even flip out on) my own child in public if they are being horrible. I try NOT TO, but I’ve done it.

    Yep, I’ve even had the long-hard-crap-day-snap thing going on where standing in line my kid utters that milllionth whine or pushes his brother that one last time and I Hulk out and make people stare.

    But just undermining your kid? That’s a mothering FAIL. Lots of parents talk to their kids like this all the time and y’know what? If you ever hear a parent speaking to his /her child like that, chances are that it’s not a bad day thing. He/she gets psychologically beat on like that all the time. :(

  4. Heather says:

    That’s what really bothered me…thinking that this kid has to deal with this ego crusher on a daily basis :(

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