Liar, Liar Pants on Fire


There are many moments in time when my kids just plain crack me up.  There are other times when I’m just amazed at how their little brains figure things out.  This little snipped is about when both of those things happened simultaneously.

The other day, our friends’ kids were at the house playing.  They live just a few houses away.  I’m not sure if the paretns are comfortable with me slapping their names all over the internet, so let’s just call them by their initials.  “C” is a girl, five and a half, and is about to start kindergarten.  “B” is a little boy who turned three in June.  The four of them were out playing in the yard and swimming (well, the girls were swimming.  B was hitting golf balls).  After a while, B decided that he wanted to come into the house with me.  I was cleaning up toys, so I told him that if he helped me clean up, he was more than welcome to come in.  He was a great helper, and just super cute.  (He was trying on Halloween masks.  Something about a body that small with a latex zombie mask on is just uber adorable!)

Well, all of the kids ended up coming inside.  The girls all had their MP3 players.  B doesn’t have one.  Becca is pretty good at taking care of her stuff, and she put hers into her little purse.  Now B is three, and a boy.  Needless to say, he can be a little rough at times.  And, he’s curious.  He wants to check everything out.  He headed over to Becca’s purse, obviously wanting to check out the MP3 player.

You could see the fear in Becca’s eyes.  She loves her MP3 player, and you could see the scene playing out in her head.  In that split second, her quick thinking little brain said to B, “B, you don’t want to go in there.  There’s poop in there.”  Her big, beautiful eyes looked up at me.  You could tell she was proud of herself for coming up with something so ‘original,’ and proud of the fact that it worked.  But I could also tell that she was looking for approval.

B said “Poop?”  So, I went along.  I told him “Yes, B, poop.  Becca likes to walk around with poop in her purse.”  The giggles poured out, even from B.  With that one sentence, I helped keep B away from Becca’s precious MP3 player AND gave her my approval.

After the fact, I wondered if that was the right thing to do.  I’ve always told Becca that she shouldn’t lie.  But her I was, pitching right in.  We haven’t sat and discussed the whole situation, but I’m still gonna stick with the fact that this lie was OK.  That’s what my gut is telling me to do.  So, I guess we’ll be discussing the fine subtleties of fibbing. But not tonight, because tonight is…

SLEEPOVER NIGHT.  Or at least that’s what they both think.  They’re headed up to the neighbors to sleep out in a tent.  The adults all expect that the kids will be coming home, and not sleeping out all night.  But if they DO decide to sleep out all night, that’s fine.  (My poor friend has offered to sleep in the tent with them, if they DO sleep out there).  Chloe has already asked me if she can come home if when she misses me.  Becca, however, has told me that she’s going to stay all night.  We’ll see how that goes :)


  1. Jenn says:

    And I thought I was your craziest friend . . .

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