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Well, I broke down and did it.

I always said that we wouldn’t have a dog.  I don’t want to clean up poop.  I’m done with that…my kids are out of diapers.  Chloe has asked for a dog for as long as she could talk.  Becca has always been skiddish around dogs, though.  There are a few dogs that she’s become used to, but she’s always a little on edge.  Over the past six months or so (I believe it’s since the fish died), Becca has been asking for a dog, too.

Then a series of events came into play.  My sister in law got a new dog (a Pomeranian (sp?) puppy, six months old).  That got the conversation started.  A couple of weeks ago, we went to the pet store.  I had a little conversation with the girl who was working there about good dogs for kids, and dogs that don’t shed all that much.  I held a Schnoodle (a Schnauzer and a Poodle mix).  He was adorable, and the seed was planted.

I started looking on the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society website, and Animal Friends.  They had plenty of dogs, but they were all either older than 2 years, or they were Pit Bull Terrier mixes.   I mean, I’d say at least 85% of the dogs were Pit Bull Terriers!  I definitely didn’t want a Pitt Bull, and I thought I wanted a small dog.

I was still on the fence, though.  Every once in a while I would do a little search online for breeders.  Then I found a breeder that lived close by, and she breeds Peke a Poos.  Now, I’m not anywhere near an expert dog person, and I know that there’s all kinds of debate about breeds and mixing breeds, blah, blah, blah.  I just wanted a small dog that would be good with the kids, not fru-fru, and not a big shedder.

Off we went on Friday night to check out the dogs.  There were three males left from the litter.  They were three months old.  Two of the dogs were very excited to see some people, jumping around and licking.  The third dog looked over at us from behind a chair and gave us this look that said “What’s up?”

Yeah, that’s the dog that we got.  We sat in the room with just that dog (now named Rex) and checked him out.  Becca was still a little nervous, but actually gave him some love and pets.  He came home with us, and I’m sure he’ll add to the stories. (I’ve already cleaned up 2 piles of poop, 1 wet accident and the results of his car sickness).  But he’s super cute and really, really, really good with the kids.  So, anyway, I’d like to introduce you to Rex:


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  1. Rex is adorable! I’m really more of a cat person, but we broke down and got a border collie last year. The potty training was worse than any toddler’s potty training, but once we finally got that done, he’s been a wonderful pet.

  2. Jenn says:

    Sorry – my job is getting in the way of my blog reading. He IS adorable and I love the fact that he is part cat – he didn’t annoy the shit out of you like the other puppies and he seems to have other things to do than bark and yip at you all freaking day.

  3. bluzdude says:

    Looks like you’ve picked a winner. Very cute pup, and looks to be quite good-natured.

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