Chemical Dependency

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I have a quite serious addiction. To coffee. It’s gotten to the point where I NEED it to function. Let me tell you a little bit about what happened yesterday.
I woke up yesterday and had about ten minutes of quiet time to myself. I checked the email and vegged on the couch before my ‘little angels’ came down the stairs. This was pre-coffee. As expected, they came down and asked for something to drink. As I brewed the coffee, I got a cup for Becca to have some water. She likes LOTS of ice in her water. I head to the ice maker, press the cup against the lever and…..nothing. Just lots of noise. I figure it’s jammed, so I open the door and attempt to lift the container of ice off the door. Frozen. Stuck. I wiggle, I press buttons. I finally get up on my tippy toes, grab the container with both hands and pull. Hard. Just so happens that my head was ABOVE the container, and I was looking down into the container. It came up, and the edge jammed right into my face. Right between my upper lip and my nose. As the pain shot through my face, I imagined a bruise. It would be a thin line of a bruise that would look like one cheesy mustache. :::sigh:::
Luckily, the bruise never appeared. But it reinforced into my brain that I simply CANNOT do much before coffee. The kids know this. They know that I can’t make pancakes until I have a cup 0f coffee. (Tried that…it wasn’t pretty). I’ve put stuff that belongs in the pantry into the fridge. I’ve put stuff that belongs in the fridge into the pantry. I’ve tried writing a blog post before I had a few good ‘glugs’ of coffee. It was like I just learned the English language.
It doesn’t just happen in the morning, either. I need those two cups to get going, to be my positive, sparkly self (did you hear the sarcasm?) in the morning. But I also need my drug in the afternoon. Usually about 3:30. I can always tell when 3:30 is nearing. My body gets drained, and I just want to close my eyes. Two cups in the afternoon will keep me going the rest of the day. Well, a nap would probably do the trick, too. But I’ve only gotten the chance to try that once in the last six years.
So, I love me some coffee. Other sources of caffeine just won’t do it. Soda, tea, energy drinks…blech. They don’t give me the right jolt. Thank you, God, for coffee.
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  1. Jenn says:

    Believe it or not, I have never had coffee. Caffeine is my BFF but I generally get it from pop (OMG!!!!!! did they suddenly start calling it soda up there?) or tea. I used to drink diet pop but the sweetner does not agree with my stomach. When I had an anxiety attack about not having my 700 cans per day is when the Dr set me up for ADD testing. She thought I was ‘self medicating’ with pop to deal with it. I scored off the charts on these tests.
    Anyhoo, the point was – I’m afraid to start drinking coffee now . . . Can I get anyone else some ritalin, while I’m up??

  2. Heather says:

    LOL! No, we didn’t ALL start calling it ‘soda.’ I just like to be different :)

    You sure would be a trip on coffee! Can we do it the next time you’re up, just for the pure entertainment value?

  3. Jenn says:

    Yes – and be careful what you wish for – I may be there this weekend . . .

    Also, My son Alex saw this background – just before I crushed his little toes with the chair I am sitting in, long story – and asked me what the pink stuff was and I said it was a brain like in his head. He said, “How do you get a brain in my head?” Then the foot crushing began so he doesn’t have an answer yet . . .

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