Only Minor Battle Scars


Well, we’ve all made it through one more week of summer.  And that was the first week without the summer rec program.  Fric and Frac have grown closer, schemed against me, and almost killed each other.

I guess that’s how the sister thing goes.

For the most part, they’ve been playing great together.  I mean, there are minor quarrels about what they’re going to play (“I want to play iCarly!”,  “I want to play Spongebob!”)  and about who goes first.  First for what?  First for everything.  First to get their hair brushed, first to get out of the tub, first to get in the car, first to get out of the car, first to get their dinner.  You get the idea.  But those things are pretty minor, and at least Becca is slowly learning the fine art of negotiation.  She will agree to play Spongebob for ten minutes if they can play iCarly when they’re finished.  Baby steps.

But the physical mauling?  Not so good.  Yesterday, Chloe poked Becca in the eye with the little stick part of a belt buckle.  There has been hair pulling.  Pinching.  And the hitting….holy amounts of hitting.  All of this has made ME ‘hit’ the wall.  When the perfect storm happened on Friday, I lost it.  Chalk it up to a whole week of hitting, a big day of PMS and the fact that it was my ‘tired’ time of the day (3:30-5:00 daily.  Every.  Single. Day.).  I lost it.  I screamed, I yelled and I gave time outs.  I finally gave MYSELF a time out on my freshly made bed. Ten minutes in the peace and quiet of the master bedroom gave me a little bit of a better perspective.

We all made up and headed to a parade.  It was classic Americana.  The parade consisted of one marching band and a ton of fire engines from different companies around the area.  And they all threw candy.  Lots and lots of candy.  The kids were a little freaked out at first.  The sirens were loud, and they were nervous about coming off the sidewalk into the street to gather their goodies.  But after watching a few other kids snatching up those little morsels of goodness, they got brave.  Chloe, of course, got a little TOO brave.  Had I not stopped her, I’m 95% sure she would have ended up on top of a fire engine.

Tomorrow my mom comes up for a week long visit.  The girls are excited, and I know that means we’ll have a week of pretty good behavior.  Chloe even told me that they won’t fight in front of grandma.  And I wasn’t even prepping her for the visit.  I think that they know to put the angel show on for her.

So, lots to do.  Since mom is in Florida, I ‘ve gotta get some Pittsburgh staples.  Mancini’s bread, chipped ham…and we’ll have to make a trip to Primanti’s.

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  1. Oh you poor thing! Sorry the girls were being beastly. :(

    Mine have been like hornets in a bottle, too. We don’t have any mauling issues (physical meanness is absolutely verboten here – any of that will get u in ur room for the rest of the day), but they’ve been teasing, yelling, crashing around, trashing the place and my nerves, etc. ARGH!

    Big {{{HUGS}}} to ya!

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