One Step Further From Flat Abs


My mommy is in town this week, so posting might be a little unpredictable for a few days.  She got in yesterday morning, and we had a great day of hanging out.  The girls were so excited!  They had a big day.  Trip to the airport, stop at the grocery store, show grandma how well they can swim, head to the park, back home to swim some more.  Then we headed to the restaurant and met up with my brother and his family.  Tony decided to try out some experimental food on us.

First, there was the pierogie pizza.  Oh. My. God.  A carb lover’s dream.  And that’s me.  It was a pizza with mashed potatoes, fried onions, butter and cheese.  Way yummy.  Next there was a Pittsburgh style stromboli (Steel City Stromboli?!?).  Steak, cheese, fries and slaw.  All wrapped up in dough.  I sprinkled it with some hot sauce, and it was darn good.

My belly, however enthralled it was with all of that delicious food, was very full.  All night.  I think I need to join the gym.  Maybe once the kids head back to school.  There’s an LA Fitness opening in Settler’s Ridge.  I wonder if I can strike up a deal with them because they’re so close to Downey’s House.  Hmmmmm….

Well, we’re off to the Carnegie Science Center today.  Hopefully walking around that place all day will counter some of the effects of that dinner from yesterday.  Have a good one!


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