Mid Summer Mind Mush


I’m having some writer’s block.  I really can’t figure out what to write about here.  And I’m blaming it on Summer.  When I was a kid, I would be all ‘gung ho’ for the summer when it started.  I would swim, I would play, I would stay up late.  I’d play release with the neighborhood kids.  Come July, however, I would get bored.  I was just searching and searching for something to DO!  Since I’m a little (OK, maybe a LOT) bit of a nerd, I’d head to the library and start to read.  And read.  And read.  At least I had something to thow myself in to.

I think I’m having the same problem now!  Because I don’t have a regular ‘job’ to go to (I can get all the restaurant stuff done from home), Idon’t have the same routine that I used to.  And the kids don’t really have a routine.  I mean, they get up, they play, they eat…the usual.  I think we’re all getting a little crazy.

I think we need…

A vacation.

We’re not headed anywhere this year.  No trip to the beach, no long road trip.  And we didn’t go anywhere last year (all that ‘brand new restaurant stuff’ really threw us off).  So, I’m opening myself up to suggestions.  I need a three or four day trip.  The kids are four and six. Remember, I live in suburban Pittsburgh.  Please send suggestions.

Here’s what I’ve gone through so far:

Cedar Point?  Chloe’s just a bit too small to get on the good rides.  Plus three or four days is possibly pushing it there.  Water park one day, amusement park the other day…then what?

No place out of the country (read:  Niagra Falls), ‘cuz I think you need a passport now to leave the country, right?  Yeah, we don’t have those.

Virginia Beach?  Thought about that for a few days, but that’s a pretty long ride for just a few days.

I’m just a huge vat of indecision right now.  I don’t know what to blog about, I don’t know what kind of trip to take.  I can’t even decide what grocery store I feel like going to today.  ::sigh::

I think I need a little injection of excitement.  Maybe a girls night out…

Sorry I’m so wishy-washy.  I need to shove some positive attitude up my butt, pull up my big girl pants and appreciate what I have and where I am.

Give me a couple of hours, and I’ll come back all happy and radiant.


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    I wish!

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    I mean I wish for the girls nite!

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