Mark This Off as a Good Day


The girls and I had a good day today.  Even though I woke up with only six hours of INTERRUPTED sleep under my belt, we had a good day.  Here’s how it started.  We three girls came downstairs.  Chloe entertained herself in the playroom, and Becca and I vegged on the couch for a bit.  We were actually watching an infomercial for Core Rhythm.  (BTW, looks interesting.  Jealous of those abs.  Not willing to part with sixty bucks).  Anyway, this very toned gentleman comes on the screen and Becca says “Mom, he’s hot.”


Now, if I were sitting with my girlfriend I would say something like “You know all the pretty ones are gay.  But he sure is nice to look at.”

But I was with my six year old.

So, I asked her what exactly it was that made him ‘hot.’   She said it was the muscles.  The whole ‘hot’ thing came from iCarly, I’m sure.

So, I finished up some work and we headed to the mall.  They had been bugging me to spend some time at Giggles and Smiles, so they got their wish and I got an hour to shop all by myself.  I actually tried on clothing. Crazy.

I treated them to some McDonalds and pajamas for their Build-a-Bears.  I spent more on those pajamas than I would have spent on pajamas for the kids.  Really.

We came home, they played, and I actually got to lay on the couch with Tony for an hour.

They’ve gotten along pretty well all day, and I’ve been productive.  Laundry is going, only one room looks like a tornado hit it (the playroom, of course!) and I’m in a fantastic mood.  I hope my good day rubs off on ya :)

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