Bucket List Part 2


As a continuation of yesterday’s Friday’s post, here is the second half of the Bucket List I wrote on a cocktail napkin when I was drunk, in a bar, 24 years old and a woman scorned ;)

Bucket List 1994 Part 2

  1. Inspire Bill for  idea for a book (I think I did this that night, but I can’t remember the book idea)
  2. Teach Tony a lesson (remember…we were broken up.  And I taught him a lesson – I married him :) )
  3. Learn how to fix a car
  4. Be in a talk show audience
  5. Roast a turkey – It wasn’t exactly the most fantastic turkey, but it wasn’t terrible
  6. Quit smoking – nope, haven’t done that one yet
  7. Convince Janelle she’s not fat (Janelle was a co-worker of ours.  She was not fat. Haven’t seen her in years.)
  8. Go to Fiji
  9. Open a bar (I’m surprised this was on my list back then.  But did it…livin’ the dream)
  10. Get a degree (Although I attended college, I never did get a degree.  I’m not sure I want that one to stay on the list, though.  In my opinion, I can learn what I want to learn without getting a degree.  The only reason I would need a degree would be to advance at a job.  I plan on being my own boss for the rest of my life)
  11. Drink at Sal’s Bar – Sal’s bar was a little bar in Crafton, PA.  It was an old guy bar. But I always wanted to go in.  I did.  It burned down a few years after I went in, so it’s a good thing I crossed it off when I did.
  12. Get a tattoo – I did that.  Twice.  And they were both during that ‘break-up year.’
  13. Marry a rich man – Semantics, semantics.  Tony was not rich when we married.  We are not rich now.  But who’s to say we won’t become rich?  I’m holding out for that.
  14. Scuba Diving – I’ve been snorkeling, but never scuba diving.
  15. Get a bitchin’ car – Yeah, that’s still on the list.  Unless you count a Chrysler Pacifica as a bitchin’ car.   No?  I didn’t think so :P
  16. Drive on the autoban – Another interesting one….
  17. Be on a t.v. show
  18. See a volcano
  19. Belly button pierced – that was when I was skinny.  No more.
  20. Go to Seattle
  21. Finish this list (I think it was actually ‘finish writing this list.’  That’s why it’s crossed off)
  22. Paint a picture

So, that was the bucket list from way back when.  Sorry I didn’t get to finish this weekend.  I met up with old friends, headed to the science center, cleaned, napped…it was all good.

Anyway, you’ll notice that there’s no mention of kids or a family on this list.  Well, if I had written this list either six months earlier or six months later, that stuff would have been on there.   But, as I said, I was a woman scorned at the time, and had (temporarily) given up on the whole “white picket fence, 2.2 kids, American dream” thing.

I’m going to work on this list.  And, I think I’ll create a new one.  I may leave some stuff off that’s on this old list.  But I have plenty more to add.  I’ll need to think about it a little.  I’d love to see your bucket list!  Please share :)  You can leave a link in the comments here, or send me something on twitter (@hdowney) or facebook (facebook.com/heatherdowney).

Have a great day!


  1. D.S. says:

    I like this list, you have a lot of good things that I would also like to do. but why the hell would you want to willingly go to seatle?

  2. Heather says:

    Thanks…I’d like to just visit Seattle once. You know…needle, coffee. And remember, it was written in 1994. Holy time of the grunge bands. Oh, and I loved the movie ‘Singles’ at the time.

  3. Denise says:

    Ha, ha, ha… Teach Tony a lesson. I do believe he is still learning!

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