Bucket List Part 1


Well, I’ve figured out what to write about.  I am no longer in my little funk.  I’m a glowing ball of sunshine (a little sarcasm there).  I think we’re going to plan a trip to Idlewild.  I think.

Anyway, I was poking around in the garage, seeing if I had enough crap to participate in our neighborhood garage sale.  I didn’t get very much accomplished, but I DID come across a bunch of old memories.  I looked through yearbooks.  I found an old program from my High School musical.  And I found this:

Bucket List 1994 part 1

It’s a list of things I want to do before I die.  There’s some more on the other side, so I’ll save that for tomorrow. So, let’s investigate this a little further, mmmmkay?  Just remember – when I wrote this I was 24, drinking beer in a bar, and Tony and I were ‘on a break.’ (read:  he broke up with me, and we didn’t get back together for a year).

  1. Kill Bill (Bill was my very good friend at the time. I didn’t really want to kill him, but he must have been getting on my nerves)
  2. Skydiving – Yes, I’ve had the opportunity a couple of times recently.  I will do this.  Maybe next year.
  3. Learn to play the harmonica – Interesting…
  4. New Ride at Kennywood.  I still haven’t ridden this.  At this time, the new ride was the Skycoaster. I just haven’t gotten to it yet, because I’m not a fan of parting with the money.  But I will.
  5. Ice Skating – I had done it when I wrote this, but I wanted to make sure I did it again.  I did
  6. Roller SkatingUm, same as number 5
  7. White Water Rafting – Did it, had fun, drank beer after.
  8. Skiing (Ski) – I think I meant snow skiing here :) I’ve still never gone. I don’t really want to.  But I should do it once in my life
  9. Skiing (Water) – Again, never did it.  Don’t really WANT to, but I should.
  10. NYC – I have been to New York.  We went in high school and saw Cats.  But I want to go back one more time.
  11. Disney World – When I wrote this, I had only been there as a kid.  I have since gone with Tony a couple of times.
  12. Cancun – Yup, same as number eleven.
  13. Paintball – I have played paintball.  But I don’t think (although I’m not exactly sure) that I’ve done it again since I wrote this list.
  14. Ride a Dolphin
  15. Go to Idaho (Please, remember…I was drinking when I wrote this…no offense to anybody in Idaho)
  16. Move Out – I did this a few months after writing this
  17. Blow a bubble bigger than my head
  18. Milk a cow
  19. Surf
  20. Parasail
  21. See Pearl Jam in concert (Not so sure I’m up for concerts, but I’d try again for Pearl Jam.  I think.)
  22. Eat 1 lb of grape jelly beans (There’s no way I could do it in one sitting, though)
  23. Build a cool sand castle (I’ve build sand castles, but nothing really COOL)
  24. Pet a giraffe
  25. See Letterman
  26. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone ( I think I meant this literally…if not, I can cross it off)
  27. Go to Vegas (Yup, never been to Vegas)
  28. Meet Brad Pitt

Stay tuned for 29-50 tomorrow!


  1. I like you :) This is wonderful, fun and thought provoking. Are you going to make a new one now?

  2. Oh, and if you do post it, I will make one, too :).

  3. Heather says:

    I think i will do a new one…but I may need a week or so to really think about it. I’d love to see yours when it’s done, too! :)

  4. oddFrogg says:

    Great post. After seeing the movie, I realize I keep a mental Bucket List, but should actually put the thoughts to paper. It’ll be fun to reflect back on as you have, particularly after “the Frogg” jumps and becomes a phenomenal success. One can dream right? :o)

  5. D.S. says:

    you have some very good ideas for your bucket list, although the first one gives me some concern of whether or not you are joking. I’ve always wanted to visit the pyramids of Egypt, I think I will put that #1 on my own list.

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  8. Elle says:

    Nice list! I find my Bucket List helps me stay on track for achieving my goals. Good luck achieving the rest of yours!

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