Two Stories – Same Characters


I don’t think that I’ve mentioned that True Blood is back.  The first episode of the second season aired this past Sunday on HBO.  Last season I hadn’t read any of the Charlaine Harris books yet.  I was intrigued by the first episode, so I plowed through the (currently 9 book) series.  As I read the first book, I noticed some differences.  But I was OK with that.  I think Alan Ball brings an extra morbid and slightly sicko element to the stories.  :::::I’m about to discuss some differences, so if you haven’t read the first two books, or haven’t seen the first season of True Blood, you might not want to read on:::::::

As I sat and watched Sunday’s episode, I got a little ticked off.  I think that because I really submerged myself in the books for a while there, I felt like I ‘knew’ Sookie and the other characters.  So, when I saw that Jason was starting to dance with the Fellowship of the  Sun, it really got under my skin.  Granted, there were some HUGE differences in the first season compared to the first book.  The whole V (vampire blood being used as a drug) aspect was really a gigantic part of the tv show.  But it didn’t have much of a role in the books.  I have no idea who the woman is that has a past with Sam and Tara is living with.  She wasn’t in any of the books.  And what was with that dungeon in the first episode?  At first I thought it was the dungeon in the bottom of the Texas church from the Fellowship of the Sun that was in the second book.  But towards the end of the show, it was revealed that it was run by vampires.  Hmmmmm.  ::::::::OK, no more spoilers after this:::::::

So, I am very interested to see what direction Alan Ball takes the characters.  It seems like he’s touching on some things that happen in the second book, with the Fellowship of the Sun and Texas.  And yes, there are some  times when I talk to the tv while the show is on.

I think that I will enjoy the series more if I treat it as two different stories.  That’s pretty hard to do, though, because I feel like I know these characters so well.  I’m still gonna watch every darn episode, though.

Oh, one side note.  I saw a clip from the Jimmy Fallon show where Stephen Moyer (who plays Bill Compton) was on.  I really didn’t know anything about him, as an actor.  I was surprised that he had this HUGE English accent!  He’s doing a super fantastic job playing Bill.  I didn’t find the clip from Jimmy Fallon, but here’s a little snippet with Stephen Moyer.  He’s at about the one minute mark:


  1. Erica says:

    I so understand how you feel! I am about halfway through book #9, and you totally feel like you know all the characters after investing so much time reading the series! (I dont know if i can wait until Oct for the new one to come out!)

    I think Jason being involved with the Fellowship of the Sun is weird… I guess we’ll have to see where it goes… and yes the dungeon was very strange too, i was sure that was the fellowship!
    Oh, and I also have issues with that chick Bill changed!

    And I think Maryann is(or representaive of) the Menead (I dont know if it spelled that right) Im sure you know who I mean….

    I just wish that my mystery HBO hadnt disappeared!

  2. Heather says:

    Hey, Erica! Yeah, I was thinking that Maryann was also the Menead, but not so sure? And the chick that Bill changed? Annoying. what do you think of book #9?

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