The Perfect Motherhood Storm


Did you see the title?  It’s no coincidence that Perfect Motherhood Storm has the same initials as Pre Menstrual Syndrome.  My poor kids.  They got the wrath of evil Mom this weekend.  Now, I can’t say they were TOTALLY innocent.  But I had a few not-so-stellar mom moments.  Nothing crazy, nothing immoral or illegal.  Just lots of yelling and a couple of time outs.  So, here’s how the perfect storm set itself up:

It all started Thursday night.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday I fell back into my old sleeping habits.  You know, fall asleep with the kids around nine or nine thirty, wake up about midnight or 12:30 completely energetic, stay awake until about three in the morning and then head back to bed.  Three nights in a row this happened.  This sleeping pattern makes me crabby for a couple of reasons.  One, obviously, is the lack of solid sleep.  The other is that I never really get my ‘me’ time.  I mean, I get it in the middle of the night, but I’m so crabby because I feel asleep that I don’t really get to enjoy it.

Next was the PMS.  It started on Saturday night.  I noticed that I was snippy, my patience was about nil.  Then I was cool mom and let them have ice cream twice in one night.  Talk about mood swings.

The third (and final) set up for the perfect storm?  No break.  You know from reading this that I love, love, love my chickies.  Sundays I usually get a little bit of a break, though.  Tony is usually off, and he’ll entertain the girls for an hour or two just so I can relax.  Or work.  But working without having to worry about the kids IS relaxing.  Well, this Sunday Tony had to go to the restaurant.  We had a big charity bike run happening, and he really DID have to be there.  But the sleep deprived mother with PMS?  She didn’t get that break, and it showed.

It wasn’t pretty.

There were threats.  There was that one fleeting moment (yes, fleeting and brief!) in Costco when I was ready to just hand them over to any woman who looked like they would be a good mom.  In retrospect, it probably WASN’T a good idea to take them to Costco on a busy Sunday in the middle of the ‘Perfect Storm.’  But you know, sometimes when you’re in the middle of that stuff, you just don’t think straight.

I’m sure many moms have been through this before.  And whether you admit to it or not,  just know that we’re all in the same boat.  And we all get cranky.

All is better today :)  I’m in a good mood, my children aren’t living some place else, and we’re having family day today.  Oh, and I got to watch another episode of True Blood last night.  Which followed the book a little better, and that made me happy.

Have a great Monday!

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