Oh, Vacation…How I Miss You.


Well, we just went through a personal struggle.  Some of the family is headed down to the Outer Banks in July, and we were invited.  Although I’d love to hang at the beach, we had to pass.  The biggest reason?  I’m saving up to take the kiddies to Disney. I can’t wait to see how they handle it!

When Tony and I were dating (well, when we got back together after being apart for a year), I planned a trip to Disney World.  Tony had never been on an airplane (and thus, never been to Disney World.  Or Florida).  We didn’t have a lot of cash back then, so we stayed in a hotel sort of far away, which was falling apart.  We had a great time, but do you know what my favorite part was?  Seeing Tony’s face light up like a little kid when we entered the Magic Kingdom!  Even though he was ‘cool’ and not exactly a huge Disney fan, you can’t help but feel like a kid when you walk through those gates.

We had a blast.  I rushed him to all of my favorites from when I was a kid.  We hit the Haunted Mansion, which was (is) my absolute favorite.  We went to Space Mountain.  Hell, we even rode the tea cups.  We went to all of the parks that year (Animal Kingdom wasn’t open yet).  We ate and drank our way through Epcot.  We loved the Tower of Terror. I think the only thing we missed was buying our own classic Mickey Mouse ears.

Now that I’m planning the vacation for the kids, I’ve got to scrape a bit.  It costs a lot to go to Disney! Especially for four people!  But I’m sure every penny will be worth it just to see the excitement on the kids’ faces.  I’m sure they’ll be blown away! There are some less expensive ways to get to Disney, and you can get Disney Tickets from places other than Disney.  One place is orlandofuntickets.com. I figure, I’m gonna give enough of my cash to Disney, I may as well try to find some deals!

So, the planning continues.  The kids and I have already talked about the Haunted Mansion. Sometimes the build up is just as good as riding the actual ride!

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  1. Tink says:

    If your kids are at all sensitive to noise, bring ear plugs.

    My daughter was cool about haunted mansion, but she spent the whole ride with her hands over her hears, complaining that the speakers gave her a headache.

    This was at the CA Disneyland… Tokyo wasn’t quite as loud. CA is even worse when they’re doing the Nightmare Before Christmas thing, because they go OVER the regular soundtrack. Even I was hurting. LOL

    Star Tours was also a little much for her ears. But then again, this one complains about the volume of the vacuum cleaner, so maybe it’s just her. LOL

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