More Nature? I Think So!


First off, this post is brought to you by my screwed up sleeping schedule.  Third day in a row.  Do you want some quiet time, but also want to drag all day?  Follow this easy schedule:  Fall asleep at 9:00 with a child, then wake up feeling totally refreshed at midnight or 12:30.  Stay awake, thoroughly enjoying your quiet time until about 3:00 am.  Head back to bed and wait for the kids to wake you up around 7:00.  (I really hope you heard the sarcasm in that!)

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  Tonight (or yesterday, depending on how you look at it) I took the kids down to the Panhandle Trail, which is near my house.  It’s part of the whole rails to trails thing.  Chloe has recently started riding a bike with training wheels, so I packed up their bikes and helmets.  My original plan was to get some exercise in by walking, but that didn’t pan out (HA!  Panhandle train…pan out…I crack myself up).  They enjoyed it, but it didn’t last for all that long.  They DID really enjoy checking out the water, the fish, and the dragon flies.  Now, I know that I’ve recently told you about the zoo in my backyard.  I think I may entice another living thing to join our zoo.

Instead of channel surfing when I’m awake in the middle of the night, I check all my regular websites on my laptop.  Doing this sometimes often leads me off on little surfing tangents.  So, I started reading about hummingbirds.  I had no idea that they start migrating back to the United States in July.  My brother in law has had a feeder in his back yard for a while, and they’re really very amazing to watch.  So, I’m thinking let’s get a glass hummingbird feeder for the kids.  Actually, I’ll just say it’s for the kids, but it’s really for me.  Just like the bunnies are really mine.  You can buy food for the hummingbirds, but you can also just whip it up yourself.  It’s just a cup of sugar mixed with four cups of water.  Now, I’ll have to play around and see which works better.  But, since I cut all that sugar out of my diet, I have all this extra sugar that I’m not putting in my coffee and tea.  :)

Who knows…my next business adventure may be charging admission into my zoo.

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