Lightening and Thunder and Rain, Oh My!


My last post was on Wednesday afternoon.  The kids were playing at the neighbors and the house was quiet.  They came home, we had dinner, and then the storm came. (I’ll preface the story by saying that everybody and everything was fine – there wasn’t any damage).

There we were, watching iCarly, when my friend and neighbor called.

C:  “Are you in the basement?”

Me:  “No.  Should I be in the basement?”

C: “Look out front.”

Well, I looked out front and said “Um, yeah.  Maybe the basement wouldn’t be a bad idea.”  Now, if I were a seasoned and dedicated blogger, I would have taken pictures.  I didn’t.  There were some crazy dark clouds out there, and they were swirling.  Granted, it was a pretty big swirl, but they were swirling none the less.  It was eerie, too.  It wasn’t raining, it wasn’t really windy and it was creepy quiet.  So, to the basement we went.  As we got to the basement, the power went out.  Me, two chicks and a dark basement.  We found some candles and a flashlight and listened to the rain.  A few minutes later, the power came back on.  We watched the last couple minutes of iCarly, and then the power went back out again.  The storm wasn’t really bad by this time.  Our power has gone out plenty of times before, but never for more than an hour.  The girls were a little freaked out.  I told them that the power would probably be back on shortly.  We went upstairs, and tried to figure out what to do to entertain ourselves in the almost-dark.

I gave them a bath, got them ready for bed and read a few books.  OK…it was nearly 8:00.  The power went out for good at 6:30.  My kids NEED to sleep with a fan.  It’s strictly for the white noise.  If they’re totally exhausted, they can sleep without it.  But they were nowhere near exhausted.  I searched my brain.  I remembered that about 10 or so years ago, I bought a little noise machine.  (This was because the hubby also needs to sleep with a fan.  We were going on a cruise, and there was NO WAY I was going to let him bring a box fan on the ship.)  I dug out this machine (in the dark), hoping that it took batteries.  Yippee for me, it took batteries and I set it up for the girls.  No night light, but Chloe is the only one that really needs it.

So, the kids went to sleep and I took myself downstairs.  I just laid myself down on the couch and relaxed.  And if you’re a mom, you know that if you lay down and relax, chances are you’ll be sleeping soon enough.  Chloe woke up a few times looking for me, so each time I would take her back into bed.  I kept telling her that the electricity would be back on soon.  It wasn’t.  At about 1:00 a.m. (I think) I climbed into bed with Chloe and fell asleep.  Hard.  Tony came home.  Turns out, he doesn’t have a key to our front door.  He always uses the garage door opener.  Which, of course, won’t open without power.  He knocked and knocked.  But I was in the room with the sound machine.  Knocking?  Yeah…didn’t hear it.

I did wake up and see a light flashing in the hallway.  I walk out and look down at the front door.  I saw Tony holding his cell phone up to the glass.  I opened the door, apologized, and asked how long he was there.  About twenty minutes.  I sat up and chatted with Tony for a bit, in the dark.  Chloe woke up.  We all went to bed in our room about 4:00 a.m.  Still no electricity.  No fan for Tony, and I asked him to please not die while he was sleeping, because he wouldn’t be able to use his CPAP machine (he has sleep apnea) without electricity.

At 5:10 a.m. the electricity came back on.  Chloe immediately wanted to go back to her room with HER fan and HER night light.  Becca slept through the whole darn thing.

So now, every time it rains, the kids ask if we have to go into the basement.  There weren’t any more storms on Thursday, but there were supposed to be some big storms yesterday.


The day I had tickets to a VIP pre-concert party for Dave Matthews.  The day I had a chance to win one of four cruises.  The day I could see one of my favorite bands in concert.

Well, I’ve got to have a cliff hanger.  I’ll write about the party and concert later today.  I’ve gotta head out :)

Have a great Saturday!

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