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You know, we really do a lot outside in the summer. But we (read: the kids) do still watch television. This usually happens for an hour in the morning, depending on the day, it could be an hour or so in the afternoon, and then they watch a television show before bed.

Our latest indulgence? Wipeout on ABC. They really look forward to watching it every Wednesday (it’s on at 8:00).  It’s a big obstacle course.  A difficult obstacle course.  With lots of mud and foam, and tons of falls.  Just watching it makes you flinch and say ‘ow.’  Then, there are the big balls.  Yup, they repeatedly say big balls.  This is a part of the obstacle course that looks like this:

bigredballsI have never seen anybody make it all the way across.  Granted, I haven’t watched every show, but they really get pummelled on this obstacle!

So, anyway, the kids love watching other people fall.  You know, just like when they’re infants and they see somebody trip and fall.  They get a kick out of it!

If you have kids my age, you probably have your ‘go to’ shows, also.  We have some other shows that give mom a little bit of quiet time.  They change pretty frequently.  Right now, we’re on a SpongeBob kick.  Classic.  Then there are a couple of other shows that are not quite as well known.

First, there’s Phineas and Ferb.  I think this show is hysterical!  It’s about two boys on summer vacation and their adventures.  They are always building or doing something crazy, and their older sister Candace is always trying to get them in trouble.  It’s from Disney, and it’s a good watch.

The other show (which is actually pretty good) is Johnny Test.  Really, the general story follows Phineas and Ferb a bit, except the show focuses on the younger brother (and his dog) who has two older sisters who are scientists.  The older sisters are the ones always creating crazy stuff.  And, Johnny Test’s hair is really cool. It’s on Cartoon Network.

So, relax.  Let the kids watch some trash.  Just even it out with some stuff to keep their brains sharp for the summer, and all will be good.

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  2. I agree! And sometimes it’s necessary to my sanity to gte that tiny bit of mommy time, free from constant requests for food, drink or play.

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