Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News


Have I mentioned the pool?  I don’t believe I’ve really discussed the pool.  A friend of ours bought us an easy set pool a couple of years ago.  Becca had just turned four and Chloe had just turned two.  We didn’t put the pool up that year.  Chloe would have required ME actually GETTING IN the pool with her, and Tony was a little bit protective of his lawn.  Last year?  Well, life was a little too crazy for the pool.  Downey’s House had just opened and I was there three days a week.  This year?  Well, I decided that this year was the year.  The kids love to swim, and they’re pretty good at it.  The pool itself is only three feet deep, but perfect for them.  On Memorial Day weekend we decided to put it up.

The instructions for this pool say that it needs to be on a completely level surface.  So, I eyeballed the yard and thought I found a couple of level spots.  We tried the first one.  Ummmmm…..notsomuch.  It’s really amazing that once you bring water into the picture you can really see how UN-level something is.  We emptied the water.  We moved the pool.  We started filling it up.  Ummmmm…NOT LEVEL!!  We emptied the water.  We moved the pool.  We started filling it up.  Still, not level.  But this last one was only an inch or so off, and at this point we had decided that it was good enough.  And if the pool collapsed and water went streaming through the yard, so be it.  We were done.

Here’s a picture of the kids (along with their cousin) in the pool:

Kids in the Pool

We put the pool right outside one of our windows.  This window has a huge window seat up against it.  I can sit there with the laptop and the window open and watch them.  I don’t even have to bake outside.  So, I’ve really enjoyed having the pool. And, the kids have really enjoyed the pool this summer.  Bunches.  Quite possibly too much. Which leads me to my title…

Last week Becca was complaining that her ear hurt.  I have some non-prescription drops for ear pain, so I have her drops for a couple of days, but it just hur worse.  So, I figured she had swimmers ear.  I called the pediatrician, and luckily they just called a prescription in for me.  One week of ear drops twice a day.  Strike one for the pool.  I’m going to take some advice from my dad and my online friends, and start putting a drop or two of rubbing alcohol in her ears on the days she swims.

Yesterday was a whole new bunch of problems.  The kids started their summer rec in the morning, and came home with Tony.  The were in the pool the rest of the afternoon.  That morning, I notice that Chloe had to pee three times before we left the house.  Odd.  My radar went up and she was on watch.  Later that night, we got a bath and Chloe peed a few more times.  Radar up more.  We laid down to go to bed.  She got up to pee again, and this time it ‘tickled.’  Well, I figured I would get her some water and take her to the pediatrician the next morning.  An hour later she woke up crying.  She peed again.  More crying.  I sent Tony out to get some cranberry juice.  While he was gone she peed again.  A bit of blood.

So, off to the ER we went.  We got there at 9:30, and it was busy.  Chloe was great at first.  They had a play room, and there were other kids there.  We made it back to our own little room about twenty til eleven.  She peed for the doctor.  We waited, and waited.  Yes, it was a bladder infection.  They brought us some antibiotics about 1:10 am.  She can’t swim for a few days.

They still love the pool.  I still love the pool.  The nurse said the UTI could quite possibly be from the chlorine irritating her.  She also always seems to have to pee AS SOON as she gets in the pool.  So then we’re dealing with a wet bathing suit (and wet house).  I’m sure that’s not helping matters.  We’ll be keeping the pool, but I think we’ve learned our lesson.

Oh, and we’ve started a trend in the neighborhood…two more easy set pools have gone up in the past two weeks :)

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