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If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that I grew up in the city. I walked across the street to my grade school. I walked one block to my high school. There was a grocery store across the street from the high school. The homes were close together, and the only REAL wildlife I ever saw was 1) a robin that made a nest outside my bedroom window and 2) the ONE groundhog we had in my small yard.

Fast forward twenty or so years.  The housing plan I live in used to be a pasture for the cows.  Our back yard is up against a small patch of woods.  I’ve had oh so many animals hangin’ out back there.  The first thing we noticed were the deer.  We consistently have about eleven doe out on the back hill.  We don’t see them as often in the summer, but in the winter, they’re around every morning, and usually every evening.  Towards the end of winter, when there’s not many food options for them, they venture a little closer.  We have a fire pit that is lined with these evergreen hedges.  Word on the street was that deer won’t eat them.  Wrong.  The deer eat them every winter.  They are (supposed to be) cone shaped.   However, there is a big ol’ dent right about deer mouth level. But, I still like my deer.

Throughout the spring, we’ve seen much more wildlife.   This year we’ve had a few animals that are worth talking about.  First, there was the robin.  This robin decided to build a nest in our yard.  No big deal.  But WHERE she decided to build it was kind of funny.  We have a bar that we use for parties sitting along the back of the house.  She went INSIDE this bar (simply made with two by fours, lattice, and a stainless steel top) to create a good home for her eggs to hatch.  Here’s a picture:


That was three or four weeks ago.  Mama bird’s babies hatched (well, two of them did).  she was VERY protective.

Next, there was our momma turkey. Now, I don’t really know too much about turkeys, but I noticed that right around the same time (11:30-12:30 in the afternoon) every day, a turkey would come down off the hill and walk through our yard.  I said something to Tony, and he ended up asking his brother about it.  Turns out, when a mother turkey has a nest, the father comes by once a day so the mother can go and look for food.  Go figure.  Ya learn something new every day.

Now, I’ll let you know about the bunnies.  Last year we had two bunnies.   And here’s how this happened.  Right after Easter last year, the kids were convinced that they had to put carrots out to feed the Easter Bunny.  After a couple of weeks of putting carrots out, I was just about to convince them to stop putting those carrots outside.  I look out the window on our patio, and what to I see?  A damn bunny eating the carrots.  I literally laughed out loud.  So, we kept feeding the bunnies.  They got so used to us last year that we could sit right on the steps while they ate at our feet.  Well, they’re back this year, along with two babies.  I think the adults must remember us, because they’re still letting us sit and watch them eat.  The babies?  Not so comfortable with us.  But they’re still eating.  Here’s a little snippet:

So…where are we? Deer, turkey, bunnies….then there’s our crazy squirrel. I mean a squirrel’s a squirrel.  Usually not a big deal.  But this one is pretty small, and exudes all the same qualities as the squirrel-type-thingie from Ice Age.

He completely cracks me up.  Runs around like a crazy little thing, with no rhyme or reason.  Now, he’s eaten the grapes the we’ve left out.  He looks at us standing at the patio door, and runs right up the screen door.  Yup, he’s crazy.

So, our newest addition to the zoo is living in our grill.  Tony went out to make himself some dinner tonight, opened up the grill and sees a momma mouse with four or five babies.  He felt too bad to do anything about it (and ended up making his dinner on the stove).

Tonight, as we were watching the bunnies, Chloe said “Mom, our back yard is like a zoo.  Maybe we’ll get an elephant next!”

I told her that if there’s an elephant in our backyard, we have some serious problems!

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