Squeeee!!! More Vampires!


I’m like a little kid right now! Yesterday I got my delivery from Amazon, which included the new Sookie Stackhouse book from Charlaine Harris, “Dead and Gone.” I’m sure I’ll devour it in one sitting, but I just need to block out the time for that one sitting!! Today WOULD be the perfect day to lock myself in my bedroom and read it, seeing that it IS Mother’s Day. But, <>seeing that I’m a totally selfless mother < /sarcasm >, I’ve decided that the family should go to Kennywood today.

Truth be told, I LOVE Kennywood. I’ve held onto that love of roller coasters since I was five years old. My first big memory of coasters goes back to West View Park. I used to ride the kiddie coaster over and over and over again. Then the park closed. If it had stayed open just one more year, I would have been old enough to ride the big coaster. No worries, though. There were plenty of other places to ride coasters.

Now, Becca and Chloe aren’t quite tall enough to ride all the ‘big’ rides, but they ARE tall enough for the Jackrabbit. They both love it, and have been talking about it all week. And Kennywood has the best food, too (Unlike Cedar Point, whose food absolutely sucks!). I’m gearing up for some Potato Patch fries, a corn dog, some funnel cake and our traditional exodus treat…cotton candy. (Wow. Fried, fried, fried and sugar). By the time we get back tonight, my feet will hurt, my patience will probably be fried (heh, heh…more fried), and I’ll need a Tums or two. But that’s how it always ends, and I still consider it a great day.

So, Sookie, Bill and Eric will have to wait. I’m sure they will be a read that lasts until 2:00 in the morning.

Oh, I did get another book with my Amazon order. It’s a collection of short stories called “Bite,” and Charlaine Harris has a Sookie story in it. I enjoyed the story (It’s about her cousin Hadley’s death), but I wouldn’t suggest purchasing the book just for that story (like I did). It was only thirty or so pages, and I could have lived without it. Or tracked it down at a library.

So, Happy Mothers’ Day, whatever you decide to do! And a big thank you to my Mom. Although I appreciated her before I had my own children, now I really ‘get it.’ And she did a hell of a job. And she kept her sanity. Amazing.

***OOH, one last thing. As I was gathering links to this post, I found that you can pre-order the NEXT Sookie Stackhouse book, due out October 6th. Looks like the name of it is “A Touch of Dead.” Yeah, I’m gonna have to go do that. Once I get some extra ‘me’ cash!


  1. Jenn says:

    I took Alex on the Jack Rabbit this past trip and he loved it! Allegedly. I just hope his love for coasters continues.

  2. Heather says:

    My kids ask me at least three times a week if they’re tall enough to go on the Phantom. And when they WILL be tall enough. When I’m seven? Eight? Mom, I gotta know!

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