Another Blissful Week/Best Thing I Heard


Wow, this week has just cruised on by! We had a great Mother’s Day at Kennywood!  The lines were almost non-existent, the weather was cool but nice, and we had a great time.  Here’s my favorite picture of the girls from that day:

That’s them on the kiddie coaster. But they had a great time on the Jackrabbit, too!
I thought I would share some of my Mother’s Day love…and laughs.  First off, I got a very cute card from Chloe that she made in preschool.  Inside, it had a cute photo of her out in the garden.  Then, I got Becca’s card.  She had been talking about it for three days.  It was a big surprise.  I totally cried when I read it.  Here are some of the pages:

So, that one is “My favorite time together is when we…lay together in my bed.”  Cute.  Really, though, my legs aren’t quite that skinny.  

Yup, Becca wants to give me an indoor pool.  Not quite sure where we would put that one…and I think it may be more for HER.

Yup, this one makes me cry.  How totally sweet.  Really, I look like ass in the morning.   But at least I have my daughters snowed.  And I’m not sure why I don’t have any clothes on in this picture, but I don’t sleep in the buff.  I’m always too cold for that.  Now the next one has a little story:
Now, at first look it seems innocent enough.  “My favorite thing about my mother is we both like to play.”  I was reading the little book/card out loud.  When I got to this page, Becca exclaimed “Hey!  It’s not supposed to say we both like to play!  It’s suppposed to say we both want a slave!”
The laughter just roared out of my mouth.  I said “Becca, I never said I wanted a SLAVE.  I said I wanted a MAID!”  I explained how having people as slaves is a completely terrible idea.  She was fine with my explanation.  Then I wondered…did the teacher choose not to write the whole slave thing because she felt uncomfortable with that?  I mean, I may have done the same thing…don’t get me wrong.  Then I thought ‘play’ and ‘slave’ could sound very much alike.  Especially in a noisy kindergarten classroom.  I was hoping that she heard ‘play’ instead of ‘slave’ because I really don’t want the teacher to think that I was upset with the outcome of the Civil War.  Then I looked at the picture.  Looks to me like somebody is bringing me and Becca something to eat at a table.  Servants?  Cooks?  OK, that I can handle.  I have a bunch of money and I pay them well.  I’m fine with that.
But not slaves.
Hell, I can’t even get my kids to clean up their toys.
So, that’s my Mother’s Day chuckle.  Sorry I waited a while to share it.  I had this crazy flu/cold all week.  Producing one pound of snot per hour takes a lot of energy out of ya.  But I’m almost back to normal (as normal as I can be, anyway).  
More later :)


  1. Firecrackinmama says:

    I’m glad you had a great time at Kennywood and the card is hilarious. I remember back when I got some like that.

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