Should I Save My Sanity or Save My Money?


Well, today is day 2 of spring vacation for Becca. I’ll tell you, it couldn’t have come at a worse time. Or maybe the timing of my vacation was wrong. Either way, let me tell you what’s been going on.

We all had a great time in Florida, and it was a week of family togetherness. We got home late on a Tuesday night, and Becca had school the next morning. I think she was still asleep as I got her on the bus that morning. When she got to school, she found that her regular teacher was out, and she had a substitute. When she got home that day, she cried that she didn’t want to go back to school. I knew she’d have a bit of an adjustment getting back into the groove, and figured she had a little bit of extra troubles because she expected to see her regular teacher. Thursday came, and there were more tears when she got to school. There weren’t any in the car that day, but lots of complaining. Friday, she stepped on the bus with big ol’ tears of drama. Monday and Tuesday, same thing. Tears. Lots of them.

She’s tried saying she has a stomach ache. She misses me. She misses her blanket. I gave her an old necklace of mine, and told her to hold it when she missed me. Helped a little. But now we have this week of vacation, and I think it’s going to start again on Tuesday. Ugh. So, that’s my update on Becca. I’m sure all will be fine, but it will be another week of complaining and fake stomach aches.

As for the title of my post, I want to talk about Aldi. I think I’ve mentioned the store here before. I love that store! And no, this isn’t a sponsored post and I’m not getting anything to post about this store. Yesterday, I took the girls and did a grocery trip. I got an entire cart full of groceries and it cost 85 dollars. The cart was pretty full, and I even spent $10 on those
vaccuum space bag thingies
and three bucks on some fresh flowers. I’ve never had a problem with any of their groceries (Well, scratch that. I did have a problem with some hand soap – the pump didn’t work. But that could happen anywhere). Even though they don’t have a bunch of name brands, their cereal, snacks, frozen items and produce suit me just fine. I feel darn proud of myself when I come out of that store. Saving money makes me happy. But the kids have to shop with me when I’m there.

I have to say, they were VERY well behaved yesterday. I think they may have reached the point where I don’t have to yell at them the entire time, and they stay close to the cart. Chloe has her job of putting things into the cart, and Becca helped me decide what to buy. Just six months ago, though, it would have been a different story. They would be grabbing things to put into the cart, begging for toys and candy, and getting in the way of the other shoppers.

And that’s the strength of the Eagle’s Nest. If you’re not local, I’ll let you know that Giant Eagle is one of Pittsburgh’s large grocery chains. My store (and many others) has a child care center called the Eagle’s Nest. It is a room for the kids set up with video games, toys, crayons and tv’s. One wall is all windows, so you can peek in, and they always seem to have enough adults for the number of children. Putting the kids in the Eagle’s Nest is almost like having a ‘Calgon, take me away!’ moment. Drop them off, grab a cart, order a Starbuck’s and leisurely stroll through the store. I can read prices. Look at ingredients. Take recipe cards. Be picky about my fruit/meat/veggies. It’s actually relaxing. Until I get to the check out.

I literally pay twice as much when I’m at Giant Eagle. Really. Now, there are some things that I will only get at Giant Eagle. Steaks, fresh seafood, bakery goods. If I need any of those things, I stop in quickly and head right back out. But sometimes, just sometimes, it’s nice to have an hour to myself to do my shopping.

I’ve been very, very good about getting my groceries at Aldi. Because Chloe is at preschool two mornings a week, I can sometimes even sneak it in while I’m all alone. Giant Eagle knows what they’re doing with that thing! I think I’ll save that for the summer. When they’re both here. All the time. For three months.

I’d better start saving my cash!

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  1. Ruth J Jamieson says:

    Hope things go better for Becca after spring break, has to be hard on both of you.
    Congrats on your grocery saving diligence, it sure makes a difference in the budget!
    Thanks for following my blog! ;D

  2. Firecrackinmama says:

    First, I know the pain of taking kids to the market. I had 3 helpers, first two 18 months apart, then #2 & #3 were 2 yrs apart. I could tell you horror stories to the point that when I showed up to shop, they asked for my list and gave me a gift certificate to McDonald's and I was to come back in an hour.

    Second, our Aldi generally has items that are out of date so I'm glad to hear there is something positive about them.

    Third, during the summer months I had a babysitter come in regularly, one of the neighbors next door, on Wed. afternoons so I would have to go out and have a good time. BTW I paid them minimum wage so never had a problem getting one of the girls.

    And last but not least, my youngest was a pre-school dropout.

    So, as you walk the fine line of sanity just know that in the future the stories make great Blogs. :) Or in your case they're already making good Blogs :) I think I'm supposed to say lol.

    Have a Firecrackin Great Day!

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