I Want a Grown Up House


I’ve told you how I actually DO like my house. Now that the kids are (sort of) growing up, my mind has started to drift towards my fantasy of living in a clean, nicely decorated home. At this EXACT moment in time, I’d settle for clean. But I do have visions. Visions of beautiful hardwood floors. Of coordinating drapery and pillows. Someday (yes, someday…I keep telling myself) the girls will be old enough to appreciate the fact that this is MY house. And I would like to keep things finger print, marker, crayon and kool-aid stain free.

So, sometimes when I need to escape, I look at the nice things I would like. I found this website that’s full of fabric shades, valances and curtains. After fantasizing a bit on this website, my heart yearned to be in a grown up place!!! I really do spend a lot of my time at home. And how cool is that site? Pick the fabric, make it perfect. I’m gonna have to start making some more money in order to afford my fantasy. But that’s OK, I’ll work on that. Right now all the curtains I have in my house are from Target. And they’re not looking too swift. What is it with kids and curtains? They wipe their hands on them, twirl around in them. They’ve even tried to use them like Tarzan to swing on.

Maybe I’ve figured something out here. ::insert lightbulb:: If I get ALL valances, the kids couldn’t destroy them. Well, I guess it’s not that they COULDN’T, but it would be much more difficult. So, maybe I can start on my fantasy. Just gotta make some more cash. I got this far. I turned dreams of having a family, moving into a bit house in a nice neighborhood and owning a restaurant into reality.

I think I can handle curtains.

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