Hey – POD'ers…Add Your Blog


This is for all of my Print-On-Demand friends. I created an aggregator for any blogs that have to do with the Print On Demand business at blog aggregators by FeedCluster.com. Just another way to get all of our blogs in one place, and hopefully up our traffic count. So, here’s the address of what I created: podshirts.feedcluster.com. It’s easy peasy to add your blog. Just click that link and on the right you’ll see an option to add your blog (of course, you’ll need to start an account). Once there are a few members, I’ll add a widget on this blog that shows posts from members. There’s also a badge you can put on your blog, too!

If you have other blogs, it was super easy to set this aggregator up. Let me know if you start one realted to a different topic, and I’ll post it here!

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