UGH, Pittsburgh Weather, Why Do You Torture Me?


It’s March in Pittsburgh. March in Pittsburgh is very bi-polar. You have your good days. Last Saturday, it was warm (70 degrees), sunny and just a little breezy. Perfect. This morning it was 26 degrees. Now, it is supposed to go up to 50 degrees today. But, like my father who lives in Florida says, “50 is a ‘down to’ number. Not an ‘up to’ number.” As you probably know by now, I’m really not a snow girl. I honestly believe that I was born in the wrong place. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Pittsburgh. The people, the buildings, the architecture, the spirit. But the weather? It sucks. I got to thinking about where I would move to (dreaming, really…I don’t think we’d move until we’re old and gray). One of the options my brain came up with was Arizona. Hurricaines? No. Earthquakes? No. Tornadoes? No. Blizzards? No. The only thing that my folks say about Florida is that it’s sometimes like soup walking out the door – super humid. Not so in Arizona, my friend. I think Arizona is my new fantasy place. So, just to push the fantasy a little further (and aid in my Law of Attraction visualization-thingie), I found this website: SFP and did some poking around. This is the house I’d like to have. And that is the house that I will visualize when I dream of moving some place with perfect weather. But this is more around what I could afford. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But if I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming big!

So, if you see me IRL (in real life, that is) and I’m staring off into the distance with a glazed look in my eyes, I’m probably thinking about myself in the warm weather, enjoying my new home.

Just leave me alone to enjoy it.

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