Rats and Birthday Cake


I have very mixed feelings about Chuckie Cheese.

Strictly as an entrepreneur and business woman, I think it’s great. There’s always money in entertaining kids. Especially when it’s mixed with giving parents a little break.

As a mom? That’s where my mixed feelings come in. I don’t really mind going to Chuckie Cheese during the week. In the afternoon. When other parents are at their regular jobs, and it’s nice and slow. It’s not a bad place when the weather is crappy and you have a bit of cabin fever. When it’s slow. Every game is only 1 token. That’s cool. And there are things that the kids can actually do on their own. Cool.

We had a bad experience with germs at Chuckie Cheese. A couple of years ago, everybody we know (including us) got sick after going to Chuckie Cheese. EVERYBODY. I blame it on the tube/slide. We all got a horrible stomach flu. Becca was 3. Chloe? 18 months. Becca got it first, and it plowed through the family. It was utterly and completely terrible. Becca was in the slide the day before she got sick. It was a Saturday. I have since found out that they clean that slide on Saturday nights (Well, at least at our Chuckie Cheese). We go early in the week now.

We also bring a VERY LARGE bottle of hand sanitizer. I am constantly putting it on their hands. When we get there (so we don’t spread any germs we might already have). Before we eat. After we eat. When we’re done playing. Again in the car. We haven’t gotten sick since that one time. But I am VERY afraid to go there in the winter – the middle of sick season.

What motivated me to write this post? Well, let me tell ya. We went to a birthday party on Sunday at ‘The Cheese.’ It was at noon. The place was completely insane. We had to wait in line to even get in. It was the longest two hours of my life. There were screaming children everywhere. When we gathered for the ‘birthday’ part, we were jammed into a corner. We ate some cardboard pizza. The kids didn’t want to sit. They wanted to play some more. It was loud. Very loud. It was a birthday party for a neighbor kid (who is very sweet, and a cutie!). But being in the middle of 8 different birthday parties all happening at the same time was just too much for me.

Sorry, kids. You’re not having your party there.

I got home, popped two Advil and considered having an adult beverage. Some days, this motherhood gig just doesn’t pay enough.

I was rejuvenated later in the evening, when Tony took the girls outside to play. Did I relax and give myself some ‘me’ time? Nah. I popped the MP3 player on, cleaned up the house and put away laundry (singing at the top of my lungs). All better. That’s all I need. Just a half an hour of escape every day or two.

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  1. Tim Hartzell says:

    i hate going to the cheese too. We take Julia to the mall to run around in the kids zone. then feed her real food.

  2. BrainLint says:

    My kids are getting too big for the area at the mall. But they DO like Giggles & Smiles. If only it were free…but sometimes it's worth the cash for some 'me' time!

  3. MenagerieMayhem says:

    the chuckie cheese by me has the best pizza EVER. But i don’t go there very much and i don’t have kids so i don’t have to :)

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