Not a Typical Day (Hopefully)


Let me tell you about yesterday. There’s lots to tell. This is becoming a typical day, but I’m hoping that warmer weather will make it better.

I’ll start at the beginning. Thursday. We all wake up and get ready. Chloe doesn’t want to go to preschool. That happens about half the time. I bribe her with a promise to stop at Starbucks and get her some vanilla milk. Fine. OK – we all have everything (although I didn’t eat breakfast – normal). I get Becca to school, get to the Starbucks drive thru, and get 2 vanilla milks (I promised Becca that she could have one when she got home) and a big honkin’ iced caramel macchiato (sp?) for myself . Yum. Chloe was just sort of blah. But the sun was shining, it was getting warmer, and all was good. As I take Chloe to school, I see that her eyes are watering and she’s sniffling a bit. No fever, though. I warn her teacher and tell her to call if she gets any worse.

So, off to the bar. Payroll day. I do my office work there, get payroll done, and have no major happenings at the restaurant. I have just enough time to get the birthday presents for this weekend and next weekend, plus stop at the dollar store for some gift wrap and bags (BTW – this is the best place for gift bags). All is good. Sun still shining. I pick Chloe up from school, and she has a fever. But she’s a trooper. She’s not a whiner. She informs me when she feels bad, takes her medicine, and that’s about it.

***Let me interject a little ditty about how we’ve been feeling lately. We’re all a little bit on edge. I think we ALL have a big case of cabin fever. There haven’t been many chances to play outside for the kids. I’m completely DONE with winter. I need it to be 70 degrees. And sunny. Now. This has been going on for about a week, and we (meaning me and the girls) are driving each other crazy. Little things will set Becca off. Chloe just wants to watch television. I feel like a drill sergeant – except for the fact that my ‘troops’ aren’t doing a very good job of obeying orders. Plus, I haven’t exercised all week…and I’ve fallen back into my bad sleeping habit, which consists of me falling asleep with the kids and then waking up at 1:00 in the morning. Then I don’t make it back to bed until about 3:00. OK, interjection over**********

At this point of the day, I’m in a fine mood. I clean up the house a bit, eat a little lunch and get ready for my debut at Kindergarten. Today is the first day I am helping Becca’s teacher with their computer class. Off I go, driving in the sunshine. When I get to class, Becca is happy to see me, and the other children were very curious – but nice. I chat a bit with her teacher and we head off to the computer lab. Each child has their own computer. Becca’s teacher shows them what to do on a projection screen (they’re typing a sentence that they wrote earlier, using Word. They’ll also add a piece of clip art, but the adults will do that). It was a great experience! It was a bit crazy…18 5 and 6 year olds, each at their own computer, and each needing some help. I couldn’t imagine Becca’s teacher controlling that class on her own. I could never, ever teach kindergarten. But it was good, and I get to do it for 2 more weeks. I sneak Becca out of school about 15 minutes early, and we head home.

Then it starts.

It happens every day after school. Becca comes home, says hello, and then the evil is released. My theory is that she holds in all of this bad behavior while she’s at school. And she’s not a bad kid. But 8 hours of holding in ANY bad behavior can be tough. So she lets it all out. I usually give her at least a half an hour to just ‘de-stress.’ But during that half an hour she fights with her sister, whines about stuff, and is just crabby. Earlier that morning we had devised a plan for the evening. I told them that if Becca did her homework right after school, we would have an early dinner and bath, and then play a new game I bought for the Wii. After 20 minutes of bickering with Becca to start her homework, I had to turn into ‘Mean Mom.’ First, I threatened no Wii. Didn’t matter. I yelled. She cried. I hugged her and explained that she wouldn’t want to go to school the next day without her homework done. She cried some more. Ugh. We finally get the homework done – but it took twice as long. While Becca was doing her homework, Chloe fell asleep on the couch. It was quiet…on to dinner.

We had all agreed upon spaghetti (shock!! We agreed!). I cook, Becca chats with me. I’m dishing the spaghetti into bowls, and I ask Becca whether or not she wants sauce. She’s just recently started eating pasta with sauce, but still sometimes likes just butter. She wants to taste a little, so I slide my bowl of spaghetti with sauce over to her. I get her a small fork full, and she tastes it. And then proceeds to spit it back in the bowl. And then spit some more. More like drool. Lots of drool. Right into my bowl. I take a nutty. ‘Why would you do that!?!? What makes you think that it’s OK to spit a bunch of spit into my dinner?!?!?’ She cries. I throw my dinner in the trash.

She chooses butter.

I eat the left overs.

I’m just crabby at this point. But, I tell them to just give me five minutes to get happy. Bath time goes much more smoothly. We start playing with the Wii, and everybody’s happy. They’re doing well. They’re actually enjoying playing lawn darts, and getting pretty good. Then it happens. Chloe gets a little too close to the table (of course, I kept telling them to stay in one place-away from the table) and smacks her hand off the table. Tears. I console. In the middle of all this, Becca keeps on playing. She accidentally hits the power button on the remote. Well, not really accidentally. She just feels the need to press all of the buttons. After I told her which buttons to press. I announce that we’re done with the Wii for the night. Becca cries. Chloe is still crying. Well, while you’re already crying and miserable – we may as well have you take your medicine. Because that makes you whiney and miserable, too. (Becca has started taking Zantac – in the liquid form. I’ll admit, it’s gross)

FINALLY, it’s time for bed. We all love each other again. We cuddle. I smell their sweet hair. Chloe does a good job of letting me out of the room before she falls asleep, so I go and cuddle with Becca as Chloe drifts off. We talk about how much we really do love each other. And that’s OK if we get mad with each other sometimes. We talk about our upcoming trip to Florida. We’ll swim. It will be warm. Becca drifts off to sleep….and I do, too.

At 12:30 I wake up, decide to watch The Office and 30 Rock from the DVR, clean up a bit, and head back to bed.

What a day.

I wonder what life will be like when I have two teenagers. Then I decide it’s best not to think about that now. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I’m wondering if I’LL be the one who needs medication when we get to that bridge.

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  1. Patio Brewer says:

    Oh, God! Try and read your post right before this one. You sound like the perfect little family that day! This too shall pass.

    Incidentally, on the homework, let her NOT do it one day. Let the teacher know what you are planning, but let her see that there are consequences at school. This makes the TEACHER the bad guy, which is much scarier to a kindergarten than mom. I did this with Rachael, and it totally worked. She doesn’t love homework, but she does get it done. Have a good night and relax! If you weren’t such a good mom, the girls would be duct taped to a wall somewhere! Wait, where are they?

  2. BrainLint says:

    I thought about duct taping them to the walls…but it would ruin my walls. :) J/K

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