I Got My Roller Boogie On!


What a fun day I had with the family yesterday!!! Sundays have become our ‘family day,’ and we’ve been trying to do some different activities. Three weeks ago, it was the museum. Last week we stopped at the North Park Clubhouse in Robinson (meh.), and yesterday we went….wait for it….roller skating.

When I thought of going roller skating, I wasn’t sure about the whole idea. I mean, the kids are only three and five, and they’ve NEVER been on a pair of skates. Ever. When I mentioned it to them, they seemed very excited about skating. They had even recently watched an episode of Ni Hao Kai-Lan where one of the characters learned to roller skate. So, the decision was made. Tony was up for it, and I was in charge of the details. But where to skate? Roller skating isn’t really the most popular activity right now. There’s a roller rink in Bridgeville…but they don’t rent skates, and I think that they’re only open on Friday nights. Then I remembered it….the place I used to go when I was young. I wondered if it was still open. I did a quick search online, and yes, the Neville Island Roller Rink was still open. My mind swam in a sea of pre-adolescence, bell bottom pants and Mork and Mindy suspenders (yes, I had a pair. Or maybe they were my brother’s. But I very much remember them)

So, off we went. As we pulled up to the building, it looked just how I remembered it. Tony was a little surprised. ‘This is it?!?,’ he said. Yuppers, this is it. As walked through the door, it was like stepping foot right into the late 70′s and early 80′s. EVERYTHING looked the same. Everything. The orange paint. The yellow/gold shag carpet on the wall (well, there wasn’t too much of the SHAG quality left). We walk over to rent the skates. And yes, they MUST be the same rental skates. I, of course, had graduated to my own pair of skates when I was young. They were blue. With red and white stripes on the side. Very patriotic. I think they were from Sears.

So, we all get our skates on, and the girls hare hanging on for dear life. I got quite an ab workout. Holding up a 40 pound child with one arm while on skates works your abs. Trust me. The girls went around once or twice, falling quite often. We stopped to get a drink, and I just had to do it. I had to fly around like I used to (or at least try). So, I head out by myself, and it was just awesome fun.

The girls got better as we went along. Chloe pretty much just stood still and let us pull her. Becca started moving her feet a bit, and gained some more confidence. They’re not ready to go on their own quite yet, but they do want to go back again.

And so do I. A lot. It’s kind of scary.


  1. MenagerieMayhem says:

    Sounds like you all had a blast! I always loved roller skating as a child. Our school was always having “roller rink” parties.

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